Best Muay Thai Shin Guards for 2020 – Reviews

To keep you up on the top of your game in Muay Thai, you need to have frequent sparring sessions as a test of your limits. Trainers and experts recommend the use of shin protectors during these sessions or preferable in every fight. There is a good reason for this because our shins are one of the weakest bones in our body and an injury to them can well put you out of action for months. Plus, with a sport like Muay Thai in which there are a lot of clashes of bones, you will realize the importance of having protective gear and shin guards are a must for Muay Thai practices.

Shin guards are not only used in MMA, they are also worn by athletes in other sports like baseball, cricket, and ice hockey. Even during the ancient Greek and Roman era, warriors used heavy shin armor made of bronze. However, recent times are not so different; you need to select the appropriate piece of armor for your battle as a warrior in sports. To select the best option for your Muay Thai sessions you need to keep an eye out for design, mobility, and protection. Some of the best shin guards on the market are given below as a suggestion.

The Best Muay Thai Shin Guards

Fairtex Muay Thai Shin Guards SP7

The Fairtex SP7 is a favorite amongst many Muay Thai trainers and elite practitioners. What makes it so popular is the wide coverage it provides over your lower legs, the shin, ankles, and even your feet. The covered areas are also protected with dense padding, making it safe for you to train yourself without restraint and worry. Your movements are swift and balanced but if you still find any trouble or feel clunky then the detachable shin and foot design can allow you to customize the guard according to your needs. The synthetic leather it is made off rivals even some of the pure leather products on the market.

Hayabusa T3 Striking Shin Guards

The Hayabusa T3 striking shin guards are definitely top tier when it comes to Muay Thai gear. The T3 is an upgrade from its previous versions; all of them featured thick foam padding on the shin and foot area and were made with resilient synthetic leather. Now the features that this upgrade has are the wide straps for grip and comfort, an inner lining for additional safety when strafing during spars and anti-microbial technology that keeps the guards clean and fresh. They are also extremely comfortable and light to wear but never forsake their defensive qualities.

Venum Fusion Shin Guards

The Venum Fusion is an example of the industrial knowledge and craft mastery by Venum. The shin guard is made with high-quality synthetic leather, also known as “Skintex” and has dense dual layer foam padding. The upper foam layer has a narrower padding to cover a large area but it does not hinder your actions. The shin guards are relatively light and provide seamless, unrestricted movement for your sparring sessions. The Fusion shin guard also comes with an aesthetic glossy surface and a variety of colors to choose from, to boost its looks.

Top King Superstar

Top King Superstar is one of the best-looking shin guards out there. It has an aesthetic design made with carbon Kevlar that not only adds durability but make sure that they don’t fade away after years of use. The Superstar is made out of high-quality leather and has high-density foam padding to give you that reliable protection. In addition to that, it features a loop strapping system, a hook you can attach to for securing its grip on your shins and another layer of padding which is larger than the previous ones. The larger layer covers most of your shin and adds a lot of durability.

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