Best Muay Thai Heavy Bags for 2020

To keep your body in form and in practice for a particular sport, one needs to have consistency throughout the days. Heavy bags are a complement to this principle; they can help you hone your abilities from the comfort of your home if you are unable to go to the gym or are traveling. Check our Top picks for Best Muay Thai Heavy Bags


The Best Muay Thai Heavy Bags

Fairtex Tear Drop Muay Thai Clinch Bag

The Fairtex Tear Drop bag can open new horizons for you to practice your most difficult moves. This specific bag specializes in Thai clinches and knee strikes; the teardrop shape of the bag is a very good factor for this. You are able to train quick strikes such as uppercuts, body-hooks, and knees with more efficiency than any other heavy or banana-shaped bag. The bag is also surprisingly resistant to wear and tear; it is made out of premium leather and offers some high water resistance. The bag is built to last and can withstand a rough training session without showing any signs of wear and tear.

Everlast Omni Strike Heavy 80-Pound Bag

The Everlast Omni Strike bag provides you with a reliable means of training your Muay Thai strikes. The bag is relatively light-weight but doesn’t let that fool you into thinking it is any weak. It has enough padding and protection to withstand the strongest of strikes and can last for ages. The surface of the bag is covered in synthetic leather and the bottom portion has foam to allow you to practice your kicks without injury. You can practice your grappling moves on it by making use of the two handles on the sides. There are also nylon straps at the top and a double end anchor at the bottom, both are reinforced and have high strength.

Out slayer Muay Thai Punching Bag

The Out slayer Muay Thai punching bag is regarded as one of the best selections due to its incredible durability and toughness. Out slayer also produces one of the heaviest bags, this one comes prefilled with 130 pounds of sand and can lead up to 300 pounds in total, of course, adjustable according to your requirements. You can also increase the weight bit by bit as you keep on practicing to increase the strength of your strikes or kicks. The bag is knitted with high-quality synthetic leather and has very strong straps to support the heavyweight and swing of the bag.

Ringside Muay Thai MMA Punching Bag

The Ringside Muay Thai bag is a popular product among the experienced and the newcomers alike. Its body is made out of smooth synthetic leather and has no labels or stitches on the sides so that you can strike with full might without the fear of damaging the bag or yourself. Ringside have used a unique technique called the power hide construction method which ensures the bag keeps itself together in the toughest of sessions. It has textile filling inside to make your strikes comfortable and has chains from which it hangs.

Why To Buy Muay Thai Heavy Bag

Working out with a heavy bag can help you gain awareness about various areas of your techniques without needing safeties; you are free from the restrictions of holding back as you would when training with another person. Heavy bags can certainly take a lot of beating and you can train with them for as long as you like.It is important that you select the perfect bag that will enable you to master your craft. But, with so many Muay Thai bags available on the market, finding that perfect bag will take a lot of effort and research. You have to look at all the factors such as size, material, weight, filled or unfilled and sometimes the brand. Many brands offer high quality in all the factors but each of them has some unique specialty or a higher quality in comparison with their competition. So, if you want to make sure that you are making the right selection for your skill level, you should consider all of the factors and try to get the most out of your budget. Given below are some of the best heavy bags you can find on the market.

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