Best Muay Thai Shorts – Top Products For 2020

If you just started with Muay Thai , kickboxing or any other similar sport that involve kicking, you are going to need something to wear. Read more about the Best Muay Thai Shorts.

About Muay Thai shorts

The Muay Thai as a sport was influenced with Western Boxing so they assimilated the boxing shorts but changing it in the process, by adding crazy graphics, inscriptions and colors. This sport traditionally has no ranks so you are free to wear any style and color you want. However some western schools utilize colors to show rank of practitioners.

This most common thing to know about them is that they are short. If the person wears are big baggy Muay Thai then that’s the wrong gear. They are tight fitter and lose from the bottom and super cozy. They are pretty noticeable because they are shorter than the regular shorts worn in boxing and other fighting sports. Best Muay Thai shorts are made from a high-grade satin material that is manufactured in Thailand.  These shorts are very commonly worn by the fighters as it is short and does not create a problem while fighting.

Best Muay Thai Shorts 

Hayabusa Muay Thai Shorts

These Muay Thai shorts have a traditional elastic waistband that provides the best fit around the waist and does not fall down or move up. The bottom is loose so that the leg movements are easy. The side slits of the short are open so that there no restriction over the range of motion. The polyester material in the fabric keeps the short cool and cozy. The Hayabusa Muay Thai shorts come with a variety of colors with amazing graphics and embroidery all over.

Fairtex Brave Muay Thai Shorts

The Brave Fairtex Muay Thai short is made while keeping the traditional style in mind. This Muay Thai short is also made of high-quality Satin fabric which provides utter comfort and coziness. It was designed after taking feedbacks from highly trained professionals and their likings to ensure that the end product is exactly what the fighters want in the ring or on a mat. This short has the traditional Muay Thai cut on the side which has been there for a really long time. The design of the Brave Muay Thai gives full range motion to any level of fighter. It has hard elastic fitted into it which makes fits it tightly on the waist so it does not move around.

World MMA Gear Retro  Shorts

World MMA Gear is one of the very renowned companies which sell Muay Thai shorts of best quality. Retro Muay Thai short is handmade in Thailand with best quality Satin Fabric which gives smoothest and most comfortable feel when worn. The elastic band used in the Retro Muay Thai is specially made to fit the waist every time it is worn. Retro short are induced with sublimated graphics and embroidery which gives a dashing look to the fighter when in the ring or on a mat. Large slits and loose bottoms of the short gives a lot of freedom for easy movement.

Venum Sharp 3.0 Muay Thai Shorts

Venum Muay Thai shorts are really good with the mobility, they expertise in the comfort and easy moving ability. Therefore, the Venum Sharp 3.0 Muay Thai Short is lightweight and breathable. It is made with a strong Satin material which makes it very durable and long-lasting. The side cuts of this short allow the fighter to move easily while training or fighting. Venum  shorts are fitted with sublimated graphics and embroidery which gives an amazing and a vibrant look to the fighter when in the ring or on a mat.

Lumpinee Retro Original Shorts

This is made of a high-quality satin fabric which provides ultimate comfort. There is an extra wide cut on the side of the Muay Thai which makes it wider opened and easy to move in. The elastic waist of this Muay Thai has a drawstring with it for waist adjustment. So, this Muay Thai short is very fit and comfortable with a great range of motion. This short can also be used in kickboxing sport. The quality of this short is tear-proof so it is guaranteed to last long.

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