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Compression shorts are the modern gear for the BJJ fighters. They are used for prevention from rashes on legs and also prevent the body from bacteria and infections. Compression shorts also keep muscles, tendons and ligaments warm which ultimately saves from injury, this is why they are now commonly worn but fighters. They are tight and stick to body tightly which allows easy movement. Chech out the best  Compression shorts for bjj, mma and Grappling in the article below.

 Best Compression Shorts for BJJ, MMA & Grappling

Sanabul Compression Shorts

The compression shorts produced by Sanabul are designed to stretch 4 ways. This increases the blood flow through the body while fighting by compression. These shorts are made to be comfortable. One thing that Sanabul is well known for is that their products are long-lasting. It can be worn under a GI or without it.

Shock Doctor Compression Shorts

It is specially designed for the lower third cup to fit perfectly between legs. Shock Doctor provides the best comfort. It is made with 4-way stretch material along with the capability of keeping dry. The double mesh material and bio-flexible cup keep the genitals safe. The fabric of this compression short also keeps the body cool no matter how sweaty the fight gets. Shock Doctor is easily one of the best compression shorts in the market. The cup in the short has a comforting gel to provide the best comfort while fighting. For this reason, the fighters who wear shock doctor train longer and fight longer. It fits really well under clothing. It can easily be washed up. If the cup needs to be exchanged according to the size it can be done too.

Hayabusa Haburi Compression Shorts

The Hayabusa brand makes shorts for the best athletes. The compression shorts of Hayabusa are made special soft thermal wick material; this is the reason why Hayabusa compression shorts are considered the best in the market. It relaxes the muscles and maximizes the efficiency of the fighter. It also prevents infections and bacteria. There is a pocket to hold the cup so it stays where it is put. The quality and comfort used to make this compression short make it durable and long-lasting. It can be used to wear under clothing or without clothing. The cup slides easily into proper place.

Meister Compression Shorts with Cup Pocket

Like other compression shorts, this is also stretching 4 ways. It is made of polyester material. The stitching of this fabric is smooth so it is comfortable to wear. The fabric is anti-odor, moisturized and cool, so the person wearing it can be worry free about the hygiene. This compression short is fitted with an inner cup pocket that can fit any cup easily. The material of this short is lightweight and strong. It will surely last longer than other compression shorts. The Meister compression shorts have sublimated graphics on the shorts which are a showcase of amazing designs which lets the fighter train and fight in style.

Venum Gladiator 3.0 Vale Tudo Shorts

It is made of a polyester material which provides comfort. The compression of the fabric gives best blood circulation to the muscles while training or fighting. This compression short is fitted with dry technology which evaporates sweat and keeps dry. The design of this compression short is to increase flexibility and mobility of the fighter. There is also an inner cup pocket for the protective shell.

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