Best Hand Wraps for MMA, Boxing and Muay Thai

If you plan to start or just started training MMA, Muay Thai or Boxing you probably asking yourself “do I need to wear hand wraps?” No matter which of these sports you do, the answer will always be yes. Below you will find why they are necessary for MMA, Muay Thai or Boxing, how to use them and examples of the best hand wraps available on the market right now.

Why you should use hand wraps for MMA, Muay Thai, and Boxing?

Hand wraps are just absolutely pivotal in preventing injuries. They are responsible for your hands and wrists protection. It’s always recommended to wear them whenever you’re wearing a pair of gloves. Otherwise, you can sprain your wrist, bruise your knuckles and cause serious damage. Properly protecting your hands is key, especially if you train regularly. The impact of punch after punch, day after day, week after week can take a toll on your hands.

What type of hand wraps should you use?

There are many different types of hand wraps. Some have a certain stretch to them, meaning they can fit the hand tighter and often form to the shape of the fighters hand much closer than non-stretched hand wraps. There is also something called “Inner Glove” hand wrap. It is a helpful option when you’re constantly in a rush and need protection quickly. However, they just don’t provide as much protection as traditional ones. So, it’s always better to use traditional hand wraps whenever possible. However, inner glove hand wraps are still just a great second option to have.

Although it truly doesn’t matter that much which type of hand wraps you use. It is more a personal choice than a strict equipment requirement for a particular discipline. You just need to choose hand wraps that will work best for you, will be good for the size of your hands, etc. In search of the best hand wraps for you, you can choose from really many different types of them. For example, cotton ones are good for frequent training. They come in different lengths and are secured with velcro at the ends. Very similar to cotton wraps are Mexican ones. The only difference is they are made with elastic fibers, so they form to the hand easier. However, they aren’t quite as durable as cotton wraps because the elastic gets worn out over time. There are also competition wraps that are composed of gauze and tape. However, because you cannot use them again and its wrapping technique is different they aren’t practical for everyday training.

No matter which type of hand wraps you choose it is just important to invest in good quality products. They will ensure that your knuckles and wrists are protected when you land a punch. Also remember, the minimum number of hand wraps that you should own is at least 2 pairs, preferably even 4 pairs if you can afford it. It’s just because you should always use a fresh pair of hand wraps whenever you train. Don’t reuse old hand wraps. Stink from them will transfer into your gloves. Below you will find some the best hand wraps for MMA, Boxing and Muay Thai for 2020.


Best Hand Wraps for MMA, boxing and Muay Thai 2020

Fairtex Hand Wraps

It provides a great elastic feel, which is very comfortable and they are extremely durable. Fairtex is also the leading brand;they excel at conveying quality to the trainees. It is made of elastic cotton which wears on perfectly. Fairtex is one of the leading brands of hand wraps.


Top King Hands Wraps

They are an excellent choice if you are looking for good elastic wraps. Many trainers swear by them as being the best ones in the market. They fit nicely into your hands and have enough length. They also provide a very tight fit that ensures the safety of your wrist and that it is held strongly in place. Top King Hands wrap are available at a very reasonable price.

Ringside Mexican Style Hand Wraps

They are highly recommended for boxers as they are an established boxing brand. They are Mexican style which means that they are long. They are quite durable and also pretty cheap.


Ringside Gauze Tape

They are expensive than cloth but they provide better wrist support and tighter grip on your hand and knuckles. They are meant for hard training sessions and can be used in place of hand wraps. It’s a bit expensive and will require your trainer’s or coach’s help to wrap your hands for you. This gauze tape will provide excellent support for your wrist and knuckles.

Twins Cotton Wraps

They are very durable but don’t offer the same comfort or the fit that other hand wraps promise to do. They can come loose when used during training as they are very stiff and are not able to flex. These cotton wraps can last a long time so they can be your number one choice if you are looking for a product  that last longer.


Meister Adult 180’’ Hand Wraps

These are durable and very light on the pocket. These are a really good buy if you are looking for budget-friendly product. They are fairly durable and somewhat elastic in feel, even after few washes they are able to retain their elasticity.


Pro IMPACT Boxing Hand Wraps

The Pro IMPACT boxing hand wraps are a very good option if you want a cheap hand wrap with cotton elastic stretch. These are Mexican style hand wraps that provide a lot of length which ensures adequate support and protection to your hands when they are wrapped. They offer great value for the price and are one of the highest rated  on If you can’t access Fairtex or Top King wraps, they are your best bet.

How to wrap your hands?

If you already bought your hands wraps you are now probably wondering how to use them. There are numerous ways to hand wrapping. They vary on how tight you want it and whether you are ok with wrapping between every finger. There are two most popular methods of doing this. The first one comes from traditional boxing and focuses on extra support around the wrist. The second approach has its source in the traditional Muay Thai method used by many Thais. This type of wrapping requires creating a pre-made cushion around the knuckle of the wraps and then wrapping the hand wraps around this cushion. While this way takes more time and requires you to pre-roll your hand wraps, it provides excellent support around the knuckles.

Below you will find instruction to a standard hand wrapping:

  1. Pick up your hand wrap fabric with the dominant hand.
  2. While having the palm of your other hand facing down spread your fingers fully. Put your thumb on the hand wrap. Fold the material around.
  3. Wrap your wrist around until you feel it is tight enough.
  4. Wrap of your thumb again. Then do the same with the wrist.
  5. As a next step wrap the knuckles from right to left across the palm. While doing this still have fingers spread apart.
  6. Afterward, bring back around the wrist and loop around.
  7. Wrap between your middle and ring finger and across the palm. Then bring back over the top of the thumb.
  8. From here, wrap around the knuckles again. Next, bring around your wrist for a final loop.
  9. Finish by securing your fastening (most likely velcro).

Just keep in mind that every fighter has their variation of wrapping hands, so don’t get caught up with the exact number of loops, etc. Also, the length of your wrap will often determine how to wrap your hands.


Common mistakes 

  • Wrong tightness – putting the wraps on too tightly or not wrapping tight enough
  • Rolling the wraps with the wrong side down
  • Not checking if your wrap will be good when making a fist
  • Not giving your wrist enough loops
  • Forgetting about the thumb

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