Best Hand Wraps for MMA, Boxing and Muay Thai 2019

It is important to choose the right kind of hand wraps for training. It is important to invest in good quality Hand Wraps; they will ensure that your knuckles and wrists are protected when you land a punch. When a personal practice and punch every day, after some time you can see visible effects on the hands. Many people turn a blind eye to small injuries but it is vital to take care because an injury can set you back months into your training. A trainer should at least own 2 pairs of hand wraps and if you can afford buy 4 pairs because it is important to use a new pair every time you train. Trainers should not use the hand wraps again because not just it will transfer the smell but it can also transfer mold. Here are a few hand wraps that everyone should consider before buying them. Read more about the best hand wraps for MMA,Boxing and Muay Thai in 2018

Best Hand Wraps for MMA, boxing and Muay Thai 2018

Fairtex Hand Wraps

It provides a great elastic feel, which is very comfortable and they are extremely durable. Fairtex is also the leading brand;they excel at conveying quality to the trainees. It is made of elastic cotton which wears on perfectly. Fairtex is one of the leading brands of hand wraps.


Top King Hands Wraps

They are an excellent choice if you are looking for good elastic wraps. Many trainers swear by them as being the best ones in the market. They fit nicely into your hands and have enough length. They also provide a very tight fit that ensures the safety of your wrist and that it is held strongly in place. Top King Hands wrap are available at a very reasonable price.

Ringside Mexican Style Hand Wraps

They are highly recommended for boxers as they are an established boxing brand. They are Mexican style which means that they are long. They are quite durable and also pretty cheap for a good pair of hand wraps.


Ringside Gauze Tape

They are expensive than cloth but they provide better wrist support and tighter grip on your hand and knuckles. They are meant for hard training sessions and can be used in place of hand wraps. It’s a bit expensive and will require your trainer’s or coach’s help to wrap your hands for you. This gauze tape will provide excellent support for your wrist and knuckles.

Twins Cotton Wraps

They are very durable but don’t offer the same comfort or the fit that other hand wraps promise to do. They can come loose when used during training as they are very stiff and are not able to flex. These cotton wraps can last a long time so they can be your number one choice if you are looking for hand wraps that last longer.


Meister Adult 180’’ Hand Wraps

These are durable and very light on the pocket. These are a really good buy if you are looking for budget-friendly hand wraps. They are fairly durable and somewhat elastic in feel, even after few washes they are able to retain their elasticity.


Pro IMPACT Boxing Hand Wraps

The Pro IMPACT boxing hand wraps are a very good option if you want a cheap hand wrap with cotton elastic stretch. These are Mexican style hand wraps that provide a lot of length which ensures adequate support and protection to your hands when they are wrapped. They offer great value for the price and are one of the highest rated hand wraps on If you can’t access Fairtex or Top King wraps, they are your best bet.

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