Dolce Diet – all you need to know about it

Have you ever wanted to lose some weight? Thought about starting some diet to do this? But you didn’t know where to begin, which one to choose etc? Maybe Mike Dolce diet will be the answer for you. Today we will take a closer look at it and see what it is exactly.

Who is Mike Dolce?

Mike Dolce (born in 1976) – American strength and conditioning trainer, weight management coach, nutrition and fitness expert, and motivational speaker. He is also a previous MMA fighter best known for running the weight cuts of UFC competitors such as Johny Hendricks, Ronda Rousey, and Thiago Alves. He was voted as 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 World MMA Trainer of the Year. A few years ago he translated his over 20 years of experience in working with the world’s top athletes, to create body-transformation diet and training methods for optimum weight loss and athletic performance. By media, Mike Dolce was even called the saint from weight cutting. 

Dolce Diet

Mike Dolce says about his diet that’s it is not just a diet, but also a lifestyle. He explains it’s mainly about the right balance of ingredients and paying attention to where the food comes from, so as to eliminate all the chemistry and genetics that is all around. Dolce also highlights abandoning calorie counting to focus on eating the right things. He just claims that it is impossible to maintain a strict diet and training plans in a busy life, so he wanted his diet to be as simple as possible.


The main principles of the Dolce Diet

1. Keep it clean

Just eat whole foods, not some food products. Buy stuff that comes from nature, that hasn’t been processed or manufactured. Eat only naturally grown food (vegetables, poultry), without chemistry, genetic modification, etc. Keep it all as clean as you can. For example, eat just orange. instead of buying orange juice. Orange is a whole food and juice made from it is a food product. It got added sugars and other chemicals to increase its shelf-life.

2. Drink a lot of water 

Drinking water helps suppress your appetite and helps fill your stomach. To not get bored with it you can mix normal cool water, with for example warm water with lemon or fruit-infused one. Drinking a few liters of water during the day helps maintain hydration and detoxify the body.

3. Breakfast is key

It is really important to try to eat within 30-45 minutes of waking up. If we do not do this, we will not start metabolism during the day. At the next meal, it will work slower than it should. The body will not naturally accelerate metabolism due to the presence of food to compensate and reserve energy for the “starving” body. You have already fasted 6-8 hours, fuel up for the day ahead. This also helps stabilize your blood sugar. 

4. Control your portions

Remember that a serving size is different than portion size. Just be watchful of your portions, don’t put too much food on your plate, only as much as you can eat. 

5. Don’t forget about snacks 

They are just great between meals. If you skip them, you’ll feel famished by the time your next meal comes, causing you to binge and overeat. Some handy snacks are almonds or small pieces of fruits. Another good thing to eat in between meals is a nice little trail mix of cashews or dried cranberries.

6. Eat until satisfied, not full 

Take your time when you eat. Let your stomach to catch up to your brain. In your mind, you may not feel satisfied yet, but if you wait just a few minutes your stomach will let your brain know that you’re already good and don’t need more food. Don’t eat until you feel like you are about to explode, eat until you start to feel satisfied before entering the full stage.  

Mike Dolce in his diet also highlights replacing saturated fat such as red meat, butter, cheese, milk, egg yolks with unsaturated (fish, nuts, naturally produced vegetable oils). His diet is also full of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains products.

Why is this Dolce Diet worth trying?

Despite being not revolutionary and kinda simple and basic it still can be good for some people. Mike Dolce diet program just offer easy to follow up menu and workouts. It looks like this because his goal was to make something for regular people to help them build their dream bodies. So, if you are looking for a meal plan to cut weight quickly, but without losing your strength and energy, it can be very good for you. If you are still not sure about it you can see a lot of real-life examples of how it works. There can be found for example at Dolce’s website. Nevertheless, you want to start a diet, Dolce diet or any other one, planning to begin more working out, etc. there is one thing that Mike Dolce says that is really important. Just stop making excuses and start making progress. No matter what you are doing. 

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