Guy Challenges BJJ instructor at His Academy, Challenge Taken Too Far!

This recently happened in the USA at Chute Boxe/Checkmat BJJ affiliate gym. What we know from hearing what the instructor said at the end of the video, is that a guy challenged the BJJ instructor by punching him at his academy and by saying that he was a pro fighter.

“He punched me so I pushed him and said I thought you were from the other gym. He said no, I’m from ***** And then he started screaming he’s a heavyweight pro fighter and attacked me again”

After slapping him, and applying an RNC, the instructor proceeded to batter him with stomps, soccer kicks.  In the end, the guy got up but was badly hurt. The instructor told him to get out and they both fist-bumped.

Tom DeBlass has shared his own thought on this event:

One thing that utterly disgusts me is when videos circulate of martial arts owners beating the living shit out of someone that comes in and challenges them.
The issue is this, many times the person to walk into an Academy and challenge people, are a little slow. They live in their own little world and watch to many action movies. What pleasure does it give the martial arts owners to utterly destroy them. You already know you can.
If you feel you must teach them a lesson simply toy with them. Use Jiu-Jitsu and pin them, but don’t hurt them.
I absolutely believe in violence, that is if the person deserves it. A worthy opponent or someone who tries to harm you or someone you love. But to viciously hurt a clueless human that lives in their own little world is simply gross.”