Kimura attack from 3 most common positions

The Kimura lock is one of the most common submissions. Therefore, it is one of the first that you learn on your BJJ journey.

This technique was named after Masahiko Kimura, who used this move to defeat Helio Gracie. The kimura lock consists of putting pressure on the shoulder joint, which can be hard to escape if you don’t react in time. Kimura is used in many other grappling martial arts and it can be done from many different positions. Below are the most 3 common positions for a kimura.

1. Closed Guard

When your opponent puts his hands on the mat or you force him, it is time for the kimura technique. Grab his wrist, open your hips and reach over his triceps, through his arm and grab the arm that was on the wrist. The next move is to shoulder switch while holding his triceps tightly to your chest. To finish the submission, move his elbow towards his head. It’s important that you put your leg on his back to prevent him from rolling out the Kimura attack.

2. Kimura from north and south

Firstly, you should key lock grip arm on the side you gonna do kimura. When the arm is under control, use your back to pull the arm to the side, up and towards his head to finish kimura. A common mistake is to only use your arms to finish this technique. For more details, check the video below.

3. Kimura from half guard

If you want to do the kimura from half guard, you can’t lie on your back. The right position to do it is the side position, with a good frame and knee shield. Next, kick your leg and dive towards the opponent’s arm. When the lock is tight, fall back in order to make the distance, so the arm is easier to manipulate with. The leg that was on bottom prevents the opponent from rolling away from you. To finish kimura shoulder, walk until you get the right angle for a finish. More details in the video below.