Leo Vieira  Guard passing Concept -BJJ Seminar

Leo Vieira great guard passing seminar at World Masters. Some of the amazing tips Leo gave  during the seminar:

  • Be on your toes when passing guard: speed, ability to stand up easily and to drive forward and use your weight on your opponent without losing balance.
  • guard passing is about balance.
  • Balance more important then grips, people usually focus too much on grips
  • how to be comfortable in position even if your opponent has a grip on you
  • it’s challenging to be on top especially today
  • Usual mistakes in guard passing is  not the way how people pass but more when people pass
  • find best opportunities to pass when your opponent has to move and cant rest
  •  focus on legs there are more dangerous for you (breaking the balance, sweeping)

Leo Vieira Guard passing Concept -BJJ Seminar

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