The Over-Under Pass – How do and Defend this Guard Pass

The Over-Under Pass is guard pass made famous by Bernardo Faria. This pass is pressure based pass that is very hard to defend if you don’t know the mechanics behind the pass. This guard is an excellent way to pass the guard because it prevents your opponent from establishing the guard. In the article below we will break down Over-Under pass and explain how to defend against it.

How to do Over-Under Pass

This technique consists of two important parts that you must have to successfully pass the guard, hip immobilization and pressure on the lower body. Establishing leg control by positioning your self over one leg and under another leg. Then at the same time applying pressure with your shoulder on your opponent stomach and hip. Also, the Head position is very important, your head should be glued to opponents hip.

No-gi Over-Under Pass

There is also Over Under guard Pass variation for no-gi in which technique is adjusted to substitute lack of pants and lapel gripping. Yous should take extra care about your arm positioning to not fall in the triangle choke.

Over under Pass counter
First that you can do to counter over-under pass is to prevent opponent to put his head on your hip and shoulder to your stomach. When you block his head, push it to opposite side to prevent this guard pass completely.
Another option is the sweep, but this is worse counter because the opponent is already in good position to pass your guard.