Russian PRO MMA fighter Defeats 529 Pound Blogger

The Russian martial arts event “Our Business” managed to find itself in the center of attention on MMA forums, social networks and portals. The reason for that is not some spectacular show or a bunch of attractive fights. The reason is the unprecedented level of “freak show” in the MMA arena and at a time when there is something called “Fight Circus”.

the arena paired an attractive professional fighter Darina Mazdyuk and YouTuber Grigory Chistyakov, the guy who runs the channel Polnoye Tv, em 117 thousand subscribers. Mazdyuk says a lot about her professional MMA experience of four wins and one defeat, she weighed 63 kilograms. Christyakov has absolutely no martial experience, but that is why he needed a special one then, as he weighs 240 quilograms. That is, as two UFC heavyweight limits.