The best submissions in the street fight

Modern jiu-jitsu is more sport than self-defense so techniques learned in BJJ academies are not usually used in the street fight scenario.Any individual can find themselves in a dangerous situation where they are forced to defend them selfs. When you find your self in a situation like this there are certain techniques that are most effective. Two most effective submissions in self-defense are: Rear naked choke and Guillotine choke

Rear naked choke

Chokes are more effective than joint locks in street fight for the reason that attacker is forced to tap or otherwise he going to fell “asleep”.  Rear naked choke is technique when done properly is one of the hardest to escape from.  This submission is executed from back control, with both hooks in for effectiveness.

Guillotine choke

This choke can be done standing or from the guard. Usually, in street fight scenario this technique is executed when an attacker is rushing towards you. To finish this choke both arms need encircle attackers head and apply pressure to trachea to finish.