Bulldog Choke – Execution & Defense

A very rarely used submission  in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is Bulldog choke hold. However, it is always advised to have hidden deadly moves up in your sleeves when you are on the competition. The Bulldog choke is basically a deadly headlock. It is seen in the BJJ and MMA. If the Bulldog choke hold is perfectly executed it can make the opponent tap out realy fast. Moves that are hardly used puts the learner to a bit of the advantage because they are unpredictable. Most people do not care to learn how to perform or how to defend the move.  There are a couple of reasons to not to be used much, however, it does have a few upsides. One good advantage is that due to its unpopularity it might not be easy to break out of the bulldog choke for some people as they do not know how to break out of it, that gives a good time to the fighter to put the opponent to sleep.

Bulldog Choke – Execution & Defense

The bulldog choke hold is commonly compared with Rear Naked Choke (RNC) as both of them require a headlock. However, the basic difference between both holds is that Bulldog Choke Hold requires the fighter to have their back on the opponent locked in a headlock. Bulldog Choke Hold has a couple of variations and types but overall the idea of the choke remains the same.

 Chin Pull Variation

In this type of Bulldog choke hold the fighter has to get the opponent in the turtle position in order to apply this choke. It is advised to pull the opponent by chin, then push them into the ground while wrapping hands around the neck before applying the maneuver. Finally, in the end, apply the pressure to put the opponent to sleep.

Esophagus Crusher Choke

In this type of  choke hold the fighter has to get the opponent in the turtle position in order to apply Esophagus crusher. When the opponent is in the turtle position, the fighter needs to hold the shoulder of the opponent by wrapping the hand around the neck and when the fighter gets the chin above the arm then quickly get to hold the hand to apply the choke. It is greatly advised to hold the shoulder first and then perform the rest of the move. To perfectly execute this move it is advised to keep the head up and sprawl hips outwards to apply maximum pressure.

No-Gi Clock Bulldog Choke

In this variation the fighter has to get the opponent in the turtle position in order to apply No-Gi Clock. When the opponent is in the turtle position the fighter needs to wrap his hands around the neck of the opponent and position himself beside the opponent, then quickly get the arm around the neck and apply the hold by holding palm to palm lock and put the head to the ground to apply maximum pressure. It is completely vice versa to Esophagus Crusher.

Bulldog Choke Escape

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