Kron Gracie: “The Berimbolo is a Mess”

Kron Gracie in an interview with Tatame magazine he expressed his feelings about the berimbolo and other positions he considers “cheating”.

“The berimbolo is a mess, it’s shit, a way to cheat in order to score points. The athlete stands in a very bad position, and if was MMA, he would take a big punch to the face and it would mess him up. It is a position that, like 50-50, maybe one time or another you should train it, find that it is also part of Jiu-Jitsu … When spending more time on it, you see that it does not work, people will see that they lost much time training the wrong way. There are people winning titles with it, but it is not pretty Jiu-Jitsu, that you want to teach your child. I am against it, however, I am not God to say what people should or should not do. I’m happy with my way of fighting. If people want to do like me, great. If they want to do berimbolo, do the berimbolo ”