Scissor Sweep – Easy Beginner Sweep that you Should Learn

The Scissor Sweep is one of the first sweeps from the guard that will you learn in the jiu-jitsu. There are many sweeps that are considered basic and the scissor sweep is one of them. Read more about this sweep and variations that you can do.

The Scissor Sweep Basic Principals

To execute scissor sweep successfully, the first thing that you must do is to break your opponent’s posture. Any Jiu-jitsu practitioner that knows how to stand in closed guard will widen their base and sit back. This way hips are on heels and with that whole person’s weight. So what you need to do is to bring their hips off of their heels and by doing that you will be able to execute the scissor sweep.

  1. Use your right right hand to hold your opponents left sleeve. This will prevent the opponent from posting on hand and preventing scissor sweep. Your other hand must grip opponents left collar. You will use this hand to pull opponents towards you. This is
  2. Open your guard, turn to the side and form the distance between you and your opponent. Then slide your shin diagonally on your opponent’s body so that your foot hooks hip and your knee presses his chest. Your other leg must block the side you are doing the sweep on.
  3. To execute sweep use your hands to pull opponent forward and move his hips off the heels. Once his weight is not on his heels, sweep opponent with your legs

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