Flower Sweep – Simple closed guard sweep

Amongst closed guard sweeps there is a sweep so simple that you must learn it! I’m talking about Flower Sweep, also called Pendulum sweep or  Xande sweep.

Often you can see people debating about Flower sweep vs Pendulum sweep differences. It is widely considered that those two sweeps are just two slight variations of the same sweep This sweep is one of the first you are going to learn on your BJJ journey. The main reason why you should learn this sweep because it is beginner friendly and when successful, it will take you to the top mount position.

Flower Sweep execution

Flower sweep can be done in both gi and no gi variation: First, we will analyze gi version of the flower sweep:

  1. Grab your opponent’s sleeve on any side you want. On the side you are gripping the sleeve you will do the sweep
  2. With your other hand grab opponents leg (grab gi pants on the side or underhook opponents leg)
  3. Open your guard and then put your foot on opponents hip.
  4. With other leg try to hit opponents armpit (similar to armbar)
  5.  To finish sweep pull opponents sleeve to you and lift his leg by pulling his gi pants.

Flower Sweep No Gi version

The are multiple ways to execute this sweep without the gi. The best way is to do arm drag variation.

  1. Arm drag your opponent and grab his far armpit.
  2. With your other hand underhook your opponent’s other leg ( Opposite of arm you dragged)
  3. To execute sweep do the pendulum motion sweeping opponent and ending up in the top mount position.

Flower Sweep to Armbar

When your opponents usees his other hand to post and with that prevent the sweep, it is time for the armbar. Fast reaction is very important if you want to finish this armbar.

  • After opponent posts on his hand and leave the grips on legs and arm.
  • In the same time lift your self up using your elbow(the arm that was gripping opponents sleeve) and your leg  (leg on the same side where we grip sleeve)
  • place your shin on your opponent’s neck, grab the arm and rotate so your knee touches the floor. Squeeze your knees together to have more control over the arm
  • It is possible to finish the arm bar from the belly down position but it’s better to roll to the side so you look at your opponent’s feet. To finish armbar just extend your hips.

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