The Tomoe Nage and Sumi Gaeshi BJJ takedown

Tomoe Nage is one of the famous and traditional forty throws of judo and jujutsu. This technique is very unique and cannot be performed accurately by most people. It is difficult to learn but it is not impossible. Tomoe Nage belongs to the third group of the expert throwing list. The third group of traditional throwing list is named Sankyo. This technique is categorized as Mae-Sutemi or front sacrifice technique because this technique is not a trip or sweep.

On the other hand, we have Sumi Gaeshi. It is one of the original forty throws of the Judo. This technique belongs to the fourth group of traditional throwing list named Dai Yonkyo. This technique is an expert move and very difficult to learn.

Learning of Tomoe Nage and Sumi Gaeshi

Tomoe Nage and Sumi Gaeshi are one of those throwing techniques in BJJ that people don’t use in the right manner. One of the biggest problems that judokas face is that they cannot perform these two moves together. These techniques are best to put control of the opponent. In these techniques, you come under an opponent which is the second-best place after the top positions. While using these techniques you get control of the center of gravity of the opponent and their legs are not going to harm you anymore. You can easily take down your opponent if you are an expert in these techniques. They will also keep you away from the risk zone and will keep you up against your opponent.

Using the  Tomoe Nage

This throwing technique is the best way to take control of the opponent. Many people face problem when using this technique. If you are also one of those people then don’t need to worry because in this paragraph we are going to explain the use of this technique in detail. Basically, this technique depends on two great variations. The first one is straight and the second one is the Yoko TomeoNage. Yoko TomeoNage is also said to be side TomeoNage. Straight TomeoNage is the basic version of this technique. While using this basic version you have to put a collar and sleeve grip and make the opponent off-balance. You must make them pull their hips back. One they did it, now it is the time to place your leg on their hip. When they will try to pull their posture up then you jump up towards them and go for the same site and use the roll motion.

The Yoko or side Tomoe Nage is the latest version of this technique. It is many times tricky and hard then the straight version. In this version, you have to make a fall to an angle so that when you throw your opponent they spin in the air by going over you.

Using the technique Sumi Gaeshi

Sumi Gaeshi is one of the best techniques to trow your opponent. After Tomoe Nage throwing technique, it comes the turn of Sumi Gaeshi. There are 3 best methods to perform Sumi Gaeshi.

While using the first method of performing Sumi Gaeshi you have to break the posture of the opponent completely. When the opponent’s posture gets weak it would be leaning in front of you. Now place the grip on their belt right in the middle of their lower back. After following this whole procedure, now place the same side leg following the arm holding the belt inside the opponent’s same side thigh. Now get on your hip and kick with the hook leg such that the opponent flies over you.

The second method of performing this technique is off the single leg takedown attempt. If the opponent is having you in a single leg they will the secure the leg before getting you down. If you want to avoid their takedown then simply placing the belt grip is going to prevent the takedown. Now your leg is already in the position for the throw.

The final method of performing the technique involves the opening of guards like butterfly or butter-half guard. One’s you have a hook in, there is no escape.

Performing both techniques together

What about applying these both techniques together to give your opponent a perfect throw. It is much difficult, but it is not impossible. You can always go in two directions only the opponent decides to peel off the leg you are placing on the hip for Tomoe Nage. Try it to make the opponent loss its posture. If you did not succeed, don’t need to give up just simply change your angle and perform side Tomoe Nage. You can also throw in a guard to make things full of interest.

To pull all the techniques up you can use a fake guard. Keep experimenting with this technique and you will surely succeed to give a perfect throw to your opponent. Always remember that practice the key to that will make you perfect in something whether it a Sumi Gaeshi, TomeoNage or the combo of both of these.