Twister – Application and Defense

The 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu system has exploded in the world of grappling and BJJ after Eddie Bravo’s victory over Royler Gracie by a tap out due to a triangle choke. After that, everyone was all about Eddie Bravo’s system of approach for BJJ. Well, if there is one thing that Eddie Bravo’s school made popular, it would have to be the twister. The twister is a devastating move that can bring you a lot of matches in BJJ and in grappling. Below you will find out how to implement this move with optimal efficiency.

How to Perform a Twister

There are many ways in which you can enter the position from which you can perform the twister. Many of them are complicated. The 10th planet Jiu Jitsu system is known for its dramatic and flashy moves that people use to enter dominant positions. But for now, you don’t really need these entries. All you need to learn for now is that you can perform this move from the back.

So, the first move of choice is to take your opponent’s back. The twister is an excellent move to perform if your opponent removes one of your hooks when you have taken his back. If he does this, then you need to do a triangle on his other leg with both your legs. His other leg will be free to move around in the air – but this is not a dangerous thing.

What is dangerous is that your opponent will be able to turn into you and get into half-guard. Luckily, there is a way in which you can prevent this easily. All you need to do is take your opponent’s arm into control so that he won’t be able to turn. If you do this, you will have a solid degree of control over your opponent and he won’t be able to do much from this position.

Your next move is to slide your arm under your opponent’s neck – but you need to do this with your opponent’s arm on your back. If your opponent’s arm is on your front the move won’t be effective. If you have done this, then all you need to do for the remainder of the move is to grab your hands behind your opponent’s head. Then pull with your arms and use your hips to push your opponent away from you at his waistline. If done properly, this will create a devastating pressure on your opponent’s neck and spine. He will have to tap out soon enough.

If you want to see a demonstration of this move in action, then there is no better option than the UFC. The Korean Zombie has a match against Leonard Garcia in which he manages to finish his opponent with a twister with a few seconds left in the round. You can see the finish in the video below.

A few notes about the twister

If you’re at the white belt level, then you shouldn’t really bother to learn this move. It’s an advanced move that should be reserved for the BJJ practitioners of higher skill. And we’re not talking about the difficulty to execute this move – if you understand it properly, then you will find out that it’s not that difficult to put it into action. What we’re talking about is how dangerous this move can be.

It’s not like a regular rear naked choke in which you can put your opponent to sleep – and, no harm done. This is a so-called spine lock. This means that you will put the entire spine and neck of your opponent in a bad position. And as we all know – the spine is a very important part in our bodies. A slight injury may result in paralysis.

And this is why we don’t recommend white belts to perform this move. And even if you do it, we suggest that you do it gently. Don’t perform it on meatheads that won’t tap due to their pride. These people fail to realize that they can end up being paralyzed just by virtue of them being cocky and arrogant. So, you can set the move up, but don’t finish it. Make a note in your mind that you have finished the move and then continue to roll with your partner as if nothing happened.

Twister Defense

You should be mindful of people trying to do the twister to you. A sure signal is if they do a triangle on one of your legs from the back position. Don’t let this happen in the first place. But if it does happen – then you need to prevent your opponent from sliding his hand under your neck. Keep it protected and you will be fine. Also, try to pull out your arm and turn into your opponent’s half-guard, as mentioned previously in this article.

The twister is a very powerful move that should be performed under extreme caution. Try it out and see if it works for you. You will be able to win countless matches with this move alone.

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