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The skills that you get in terms of boxing defense will enable you to bob and weave your head around and past your opponent’s punches. While there are many entertaining YouTube clips of professional boxers doing 100% effective evasive maneuvers on regular people’s strikes – it’s not anyway near reasonable to think that you will keep your head untouched in the boxing ring. The fact is that you will be sparring or fighting against skilled opponents. And one of their punches is bound to split your guard and hit your head. To that end, we have made a list of some of the best boxing headgear.

Best Boxing Headgear for 2020

Winning Headgear FG2900

We have decided to come with the strongest gun at the beginning of the list. This is the notorious Winning Headgear FG2900. We’ll begin by mentioning the worst part about it – it’s pricy. But the fact is that the price is more than justified if you will consider for a moment the immense quality that you will get for the money you will pay. In fact, you need to look no further than the fact that world-class boxer Manny Pacquiao wears this piece of equipment for protection. The synthetic leather that’s used for the design is made from extremely durable and resistant materials. Also, this headgear will be a perfect fit to your head – owing to its exquisite design patterns. It will keep your head stable during hard sparring sessions. However, you will need to watch the back of your head because there is minimal padding there.


Venum Elite Headgear

The Venum Elite headgear is made by professionals and MMA and boxing enthusiasts from Thailand. To paraphrase this – this piece of equipment is handcrafted – it’s not made by a machine. And this ensures the highest level of precision that’s used for its design. It too offers a fantastically high degree of protection from direct strikes. Your ears will also get a considerable degree of protection from the oncoming punches. The fact that it’s very lightweight will enable you to bob and weave your head with great speed and efficiency. You don’t ever want your head to feel clunky and heavy under the weight of an overweight piece of headgear. To that end, the Venum Elite headgear gets the deserved place on our best boxing headgear list for 2018.


RDX Head Guard Maya Hide Leather

One of the best things about the RDX Head Guard Maya Hide Leather is the fact that it comes in man different sizes. Heavyweight boxers can use it as well as little children that are just beginning to train box. If what you’re after is increased safety, then this model of headgear is definitely what you’re after. It uses heavy padding on all sides. It’s made of Maya leather – which is as close as you can get to having genuine leather on your head. It feels highly comfortable, too. The bad part is that the heavy padding may negatively influence the level of your vision while you wear the piece of headgear. In all cases, it’s great for some hard sparring.


Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

The Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear is a staple for the beginners in the field of boxing. And the reason for this is that this piece of headgear offers high-quality and extensive padding that will definitely protect your head from blows. Also, your ears will be almost completely protected due to the heavy padding. And this model comes in all-black color which is perfect if you want to keep a low-profile, so to speak. The fake leather design is not really top-quality, but it gets the job done. And the good part about this is the fact that the price is very low when you consider the quality that you get. So, the Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear is a great piece of equipment that’s relatively cheap and highly affordable.


Ringside Fightgear Master’s Competition Headgear

If you’re new to the field of boxing then you can expect to eat some shots when in the ring. We all know that this isn’t really comfortable – but it’s a requisite on the path to mastery. So, the Ringside Fightgear Master’s Competition Headgear will definitely protect your head from hard blows. It’s approved for competition. The leather material that it’s built from will keep the headgear in top shape for many years to come. And not only that – but the leather material will keep very comfortable against your head. There are many different sizes of this model and they will fit many different shapes and sizes of heads. However, you may have some problems with visibility for the first few sessions. The fact that this headgear has heavy padding may obstruct your vision somewhat. But it still is a great model of headgear for the beginners and intermediate boxers.


Everlast Everfresh

Everlast is a known name in the field of martial arts equipment. The Everlast Everfresh is one of the most basic boxing headgears. And you will see this in its price – it’s very cheap. But still, the cheapness comes at a price, too. It will provide minimum padding. It’s still better than no padding – and it will get the job done for light sparring. But if you want to absorb heavier shots when sparring, then you will want to invest in purchasing a heavier piece of headgear. Still, the Everlast Everfresh headgear definitely has its place in the aspiring boxer’s equipment cabinet.


So, if you have a great piece of boxing headgear, then you will be able to absorb many more shots and still keep safe. But this doesn’t mean that you will be bulletproof all of the sudden. You will still need to be careful not to get overpunched and eventually get “punch drunk”. CTE is a real problem for many boxers. It’s best to keep things safe and don’t overdo heavy sparring. And if you want to do some heavy sparring, then you should definitely use some of the best boxing headgears for 2018, from our list above.