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Boxing is a great sport for many reasons and the majority of people often dismiss it as some sort of self-defense mechanism. While the latter can be true to an extent, boxing is as much of a sport as any form of weight training or MMA fighting style. Boxing requires a lot of agility, strength and if you want to be a good boxer, lots of practice on that finesse. It is also a sport that requires the right type of gear so that you do not injure yourself or hold yourself back just because you don’t want to damage the punching bag. Check out our Best Cheap Boxing Gloves

One of such gear is the boxing gloves and they are compulsory to have as you would severely injure your knuckles if you continue punching barehanded. The heavy bag is no joke; it almost feels like you are punching a brick wall and you would not want to go into that situation unprepared. Often times people get demotivated because of the notion that they have to get a high-quality piece of gear in order to practice this sport and high-quality gear costs a lot. It is not always true as there are many good pieces of gear available on the market that do not have an extravagant cost, sure they might be a slight drop of quality but they are more than affordable. Some of these examples of good cheap boxing gloves.

Best Cheap Boxing Gloves

Venum Challenger Boxing Gloves

Venum is one of the most famous manufacturers of MMA equipment. They are famous for their products of the sports Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and now they have some influence in the world of boxing. The venue challenger gloves took the inspiration from the BJJ field and implement the same principle of strength and reliability. The gloves are made out of pure or bicast leather and have three layers of foam for a dense protection. This foam layer absorbs most of the impact that would otherwise affect the user’s fingers or knuckles. The gloves also have a Velcro around the wrist so you can fasten them and there is enough space for your fingers to fit inside properly.


RDX Leather Gel Boxing Gloves

RDX is a manufacturer hailing from the United Kingdom (UK) they have made a significant name for themselves in the boxing industry, which is rather dominated by American companies. The RDX leather gel gloves have a strong design and are quite affordable in comparison to other gloves in the same price tier. They are made out of high quality grain leather, which makes it retain its shape for a very long amount of time. For impact protection, the gloves have three layers of IMT gel that is very helpful in preventing injuries. One cool thing about the glove design is that they have a D-ring so that you can remove them easily.


Everlast MMA Heavy Bag Gloves

Everlast is also one of the famous manufacturers to make MMA and boxing equipment for a very long time. Their prowess and knowledge show in each of their products, even in those that are built on a budget; you are bound to have a product of higher quality. These gloves from Everlast are built from premium leather and have about more than one inch of foam padding for protection around the knuckles and fingers area. A unique feature that these gloves have is that they are modeled with an open style on the sides so that you can fit your thumb easily and make a more compact and stiff fist. It also has a velcro wrist closure that will add protection to your wrist and give you a better fit.


Ringside Apex Gel Gloves

Ringside products usually have a high price tag and for a good reason. They have been putting out some top of the line stuff when it comes to MMA but now they have taken a turn for a more economical option with their Apex gel gloves. The Apex gloves are made out of pure leather and have an injected molded foam (IMF) instead of the usual multilayered foam to provide protection around the fist. They also have a compartment on the sides to give you more thumb space and create a fist that has better alignment and grip. A feature unique to this product is the additional boxing grip to hold onto; this saves you from a lot of fatigue and allows for a tighter grip overall.


Title Classic Lace-up Leather Training Gloves

Title are one of those companies that have made a name for themselves in the circle of boxing because their products are very famous among boxers. If you are looking for gloves that are cheap but do not sacrifice quality then these are a very good option as you would not find better gear under the same price tag as these. The gloves and its laces are made from pure leather and have a Velcro strap. There is also enough padding to protect you from injury and allow you to practice the roughest of your sparring sessions.


MMA and boxing are sports that were not as significant as before but now they are seeing a substantial rise in popularity. Many people are becoming aware and are eager to try it out and commit to their newly founded interest. So in response, more and more companies have been starting out to reach out to the economic demands of the young boxing community or populace. To get in on the action, existing manufacturers that have been in the industry since the dawn of the sport have also been releasing affordable products that an average person can buy. Sure there will always be the top of the line gear that will be purchased by athletes or hobbyists, they need to be satisfied with the quality and taste after all. So whether you are just joining in or have been training for years, best cheap boxing gloves mentioned above are sure to give you a longer lasting piece of gear without eating up so much of your budget.

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