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Boxing is one of the most popular sports in history. Although it’s not near the zenith of its popularity – it still manages to attract crowds of people. And many people would love nothing more than to train boxing. But to that end, you will need some basic equipment for this purpose. And one of the most important parts of the boxing equipment is the shoes. To that end, you will get to read our list on the best boxing shoes for 2018.

Best Boxing Shoes


OTOMIX’s Stingray boxing shoes

The OTOMIX’s Stingray boxing shoes are definitely utilizing one of the best multi-sport approaches for the mats. You will experience many different benefits of using them. They are designed in a way as to improve the rotation and movement of the foot – and this will make it a lot easier for you to move on the mats. It can be a bit pricey when you consider the price. However, the fact that you can use it for multiple purposes will definitely outweigh its relatively big price.


Asics Aggressor 2

These boxing shoes have arguably the best outsole grip. They are extremely flexible and very light, which means you will feel totally light when moving on the mats. But still, the team at ASICS knows that the stability of your ankle is the most important thing when you box. So, they have made it their mission to provide supreme support for your ankle. But arguably the best part about the ASICS Aggressor 2 is their price. It’s very affordable to purchase these high-quality boxing shoes.


Asics Cale V7.0

The purpose of these shoes is to give the boxers flexibility and traction when training. The best part about these shoes is that they are made with high-quality breathable materials. This means that your feet will benefit from improved airflow and they will keep cool. The level of comfort that you will feel when boxing is one of the most important parts of your shoes. And the Asics Cale v7.0 will definitely enable you to feel high levels of comfort when training or fighting. It’s not the cheapest model of boxing shoes – but it still is very affordable if the quality is what you’re after.


Adidas Adizero XIV

The Adidas Adizero XIV was originally designed to be wrestling shoes. However, with time, the boxers caught on to the fact that these high-quality shoes can be used on the mats for boxing purposes, too. And with good reason. You will get complete ankle mobility in all ranges of motion and you will feel extremely mobile on the mats. The stability of the sole is also at a very high level. this means that you will get to a combat stance easily with the help of these shoes. The price is somewhere in the middle between the two extremes. It’s not cheap but it’s not expensive either. The quality of the Adidas shoes comes at a price. If you want to wear high-quality boxing shoes, then the Adidas Adizero XIV are definitely an item you should try on.


Ringside Diablo

The low-top ankle of the Ringside Diablo shoes will give you smooth rotation and movement. It features a design made out of breathable nylon mesh – and this is something that will provide optimal airflow to your feet. And this, as you know, is one of the most important things for a boxer. The potentially bad thing about these shoes is that they don’t feature any support for the arches of the feet. But their price is just right. It sits in the middle between the low-cost shoes and the high-cost shoes. So, everyone ought to be able to afford this quality piece of boxing equipment.


Adidas KO Legend 16.2

These shoes feature a somewhat unique built. The uniqueness comes in the construction of the outsoles and the uppers. This makes them lightweight and will keep you mobile on your feet – but they are still sturdy enough to provide optimal support for your feet. The shoes have pivot points which help with hovering on the mats and very quick moves. The average price of the shoes will make sure that you will be able to easily afford them. And the quality will keep you going for a long time in the boxing ring or on the mats.


Adidas Box Hog 2

The Adidas Box Hog 2 will provide you with optimal comfort without at all sacrificing the stability of your feet. This model is built from highly durable materials and the best part is that they are also breathable. They enable the permeation of air which will make things very comfortable while you box. Only buy this model of boxing shoes if you’re serious about boxing. They feature top-notch quality – and the price is justifiably steep. But if you want a top-quality pair of boxing shoes that will keep with you for a long time to come – then look no further than the Adidas Box Hog 2.


Otomix Ninja Warrior

The Ninja Warrior shoe is the perfect name for this model of shoes. And the reason for this is that they are to be used in multiple different ways. You can use them for wrestling, bodybuilding, boxing, you name it. They feature great support for your feet and they are very comfortable to wear. The bad part about all this is that the Otomix Ninja warrior boxing shoes are a bit costlier than many of the other models of boxing shoes available on the market.


So, these were some of the best models of boxing shoes that are available on the market for 2018. If you’re serious about boxing, then the smartest thing to do is to invest some money in purchasing a high-quality pair of boxing shoes. Believe us when we say that the quality of the shoes is very important. If you pay the price, it means that you will be able to wear a durable, highly comfortable pair of boxing shoes that will aid you in the development of your boxing skills.

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