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One of the most crucial pieces of equipment you would need to train for boxing is the bags. Obviously, you would need something that is heavy, durable and reliable enough to act as an object you would be punching; the bags are great at that. In this article, we will be showing you some speed bags that are just as important as regular heavy bags. Check out the best Boxing Speed Bags for 2019

As the name implies, speed bags are there to train the user’s speed as they need to increase the speed of their punches when they are hitting it while their counterpart, the heavy bags, are used to train the user’s power. Not many people know what they are used for but there is no doubt that training on the speed bag increases hand-eye coordination and reflexes, which are both equally important as hitting hard. Speed bags have many factors involved in their making and the market is filled with various examples, some focusing on one aspect more than the other. Some of these factors are shapes, sizes, the material used in their making and their price. Given below are some of the best speed bags that you can get on the market.

Best Boxing Speed Bags for 2019

TITLE Boxing Gyro-Balanced Speed Bag

Title has been putting out some of the best and famous speed bags. The Boxing Gyro-Balanced bag stands out from its competition because of the obvious feature in its name, the gyro-balancing. What this feature does is that it provides excellent returns when the bag is punched and thus, a quicker and equal recoil. The cover of the bag is made with heavy-duty leather and has seams all around for added robustness. The innards of the bag is made with butyl rubber which gives it good balance. The bag is deflated by default so that you can fill it up with your desired pressure.

Contender Fight Sports Speed Bag

The Contender Fight sports speed bag is on this list to address your prolonged session needs. This product is built to last because of the extreme durability that it possesses because of its leather construction. Aside from the heavy leather exterior, it is covered all over in welted seams so you don’t ever have to worry about the bag being torn apart or the inner material being a problem. The bag is a bit heavier than most of the speed bags out there but that should not be mistaken for it being clunky or imbalanced. The speed bag is pretty fast and responsive making it a product of great versatility as it achieves that sweet spot between speed and strength.

Pro Impact Leather Speed Bag

Pro Impact is one of those brands that are not as much popular but their leather speed bag makes them the underdogs among the boxing equipment manufacturer. The speed bag is made completely out of leather with a latex bladder on the inside. It is also reinforced with seams but what makes it so special is that the bag retains it inflation for a long amount of time. This quality may not be so significant right now but as time goes on, you will appreciate not having to refill the bag over and over again, that is why it is so famous among many customers. You will find it coming in a variety of sizes, so choose what fits you best  but make sure that you are not over fitting or under fitting the bag as it compromises the structure.

Everlast Elite Speed Bag

Finally, we have the Everlast Elite speed bag, built by one of the most famous brands for fighting sports, including BJJ and MMA overall. It is made out of top of the line leather and has reinforced seams to give the bag some strength to withstand the beating. Everlast being one of the masters of MMA know how to balance speed and strength, this speed bag is one of those products. The speed bag comes deflated so that you can fill it according to your requirements; it is very easy to inflate and hook up so you can get to training as soon as possible.

Ringside Cleto Reyes Speed Bag

The Ringside Cleto Reyes is one of the best and unique bags out there. What makes it so special is that it is handcrafted with extreme precision and thus has very high quality. The bag is also made inMexico;you can even find them using a Mexican flag as their design for the outer skin.The bag is made from high quality leather with a nylon lining that holds the skin tight together and adds high tear resistance. The bag also retains air for a long amount of time making it the perfect tool for withstanding blows from professionals and amateurs alike. Overall, it is lightweight and well balanced despite its robustness so it is a product that makes it easier for the user to workout. It is worth mentioning however, that the hook where you would hang the bag comes separately.


It does not matter what your goal or expectancy  out of a sport, skipping out on better quality gear is not what you want to do. Especially when it comes to boxing since you are the risk of serious injury if your gear is not up to the mark. A low quality speed bag means that it is made out of poor quality materials and because of that, the bag is too easily destroyed, runs out of air too quickly and wears out sooner than expected after prolonged use. Working out properly requires you to give it your all, if you do not perform optimally with the speed bag then it is nothing more than a mere toy. A good bag should have good synergy with all skill levels of the practitioner and must not create problems or hindrances for them. We hope that this article gives you some insight on what you are really looking for and has cleared some confusion when you are stuck between the dilemma of what to buy.