Best Kids Boxing Gloves of 2020 – Review

Kids often like gloves that provide enough warmth and protection. For that reason, it becomes a little difficult sometimes to find a happy ground. You will notice there are so many options and it can be difficult to select the right product. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top ten best gloves for kids to help save you time; we have reviewed and compared them and also cover some of the criteria you’ll want to evaluate before you make your selection. To make their training as fun and enjoyable as possible you will no doubt want to make sure that you buy the best junior boxing gloves. The name of the game is quality, protection, comfort, and durability helping with your kids to familiarize with various tools and equipment is important as it makes them stronger and physically fit. read more about Best kids boxing gloves.

Best Kids Boxing Gloves of 2020 Review

Sanabul Essential GEL Gloves

These gloves are known for their high-quality products that are recommended by boxers and athletes in general, the Sanabul brand produces are some of the best boxing gloves going. You can’t really go wrong with a pair of gloves from such a respected brand and this pair, in particular, is a preferred item for junior boxers. The main point is that they are small enough to fit most children looking to get into the sport and start training.

The additional options available such as the range of bright colors available can also be particularly appealing to younger athletes. The thick, strong and durable material means that your youth can really put these to use and you can rest easy knowing that their hands, The gel, and foam mix effectively protects the hands, knuckles, and wrists so you can be sure that your child will not sustain unnecessary injuries. Ventilation and hygiene should be a top priority when it comes to you and your child’s boxing gloves. Bacteria growth is nobodies’ friend and is not nice to even consider let alone experience. The glove has a longitudinal arch design. Their market price is $29


RDX Elite Kids Gloves

RDX Elite Kids boxing Gloves are perhaps one of the most sought after junior boxing gloves. They are made from exceptional quality cow leather. The upgraded gloves leave ample room and protection for your child to punch with the most effective, proper form and technique. These gloves can be purchased with all the padding and protection that you would ever need. These gloves come with a gel lined knuckle area that is strategically placed to offer the most protection whether you are hitting your opponent, the speed bag or the heavy bag. The gel padding means that both your child and the other athlete is adequately protected.

These mitts will offer your child a lot of support when they training. For the best junior boxing gloves, wrist support is one of the most important parts of preventing common boxing injuries and is an important thing to consider when looking for the best junior boxing gloves. Furthermore, they utilize the gel padding that will go a long way in absorbing the shock to your wrists that your child will no doubt experience throughout their training. They are an excellent fit for kids. They are available in colors red, blue and yellow. Their market price is $63.


Everlast Leather Training Gloves

The Everlast kid’s gloves offer a lot of support to your child’s wrists (as does all the gloves featured on this list) but also, and this is the important bit and one of the key selling points of this particular pair of gloves, flexibility. The non-elasticated Velcro strap will keep your loved one’s wrist sturdily in place meaning that they can make an excellent impact when striking the bag, their opponent or simply when shadow boxing.

standard palm of the glove ventilation is present on these superior quality gloves. This also means that your child will have a more enjoyable training session each and every time they go to their boxing lessons. Everlast is a premium brand and there is no denying that the price reflects that. Sufficient airflow meaning that your child’s boxing training will be hygienic. These gloves are available in red and black color. Their market price is $20.

Venum Youth Boxing Gloves

The wrist support offered by the Venum gloves means that this is the closest you can get to injury prevention in the world of boxing. The thick, strong and durable Velcro closure featured on these mitts means that your child’s wrists will be supported. This is particularly important when training on the heavy bag as this is where the majority of wrist injuries are caused. Advanced foam materials and implementation mean that both your child and their opponent (be they another child or a punching bag) will be protected when striking.

The knuckles take quite literally a beating throughout training sessions, sparring and fights and that is why this foam padding is so important. Without it, the sport would be a lot more dangerous. You can relax knowing that with this pair of gloves, your child’s health and wellbeing is being accounted for. These gloves are available in different colors and styles. The slightly higher cost of these gloves is mainly due to the superior material used to put them together. Their market price is $80.