The Best No Gi Judo Throws for BJJ

In BJJ we are mostly focused on ground fighting. So when it comes to takedowns and throwing techniques we are looking at stuff from other martial arts. Especially in No-Gi most of the time we are focusing on takedowns with wrestling origins. However, Judo got also a lot to offer here. So let’s take a look at some No Gi Judo throws that are worth learning. 

No Gi Judo throws

Ouchi Gari

You can use this technique when your opponent is standing in a self-defense position open to the side with their legs spread wide. To perform it when your opponent steps with their left foot, twist your hips to the right and bring your right foot between his legs. Put the back of your knee against the back of your opponent’s left knee. Clip diagonally to your rear with your right foot, sliding your toes across the floor. As you rotate your clipping leg behind, turn your hip wide from the right to the rear. Without loosening the pull of your left hand, push your opponent to the left rear with your right hand, and clip their foot so that they fall backward. Check how to do it in No Gi with the video below. 

Kouchi Gari

To perform this throw you need to control your opponent’s upper body. After that, you need to look at which foot he got forward. For example, if he got the right foot in front, you should do the same. Place your right foot near his. With your other leg take a back step. Next, you just need to do a small “kick” with the first leg to unbalance your opponent. Below you can check how it looks in practice.  

Uchi Mata

To start performing it you need to control your opponent’s upper body. When you got that try to unbalance him. When he is imbalanced you can execute the throw. Your feet need to end up between your opponent’s legs. Next, you need to lift one of your opponent’s legs with one of yours. The leg you want to sweep is one on the side of the arm you’re controlling. To perform Uchi mata you need to use the leg of the opposite side than the one you’re targeting. More about this throw you can learn from article Uchi Mata for BJJ – Key Details. Check it below!

Uchi Mata for BJJ – Key Details

Tai Otoshi

You can do this throw from being in a 50/50 clincher position. First, you need to create yourself some space and then with a back step make your opponent kinda be on your back. One of your legs should be close to your opponent, knee faced to the ground. By straightening it and bit moving forward your whole body you will unbalance your opponent. In the video below you will see what exactly is going on here. 

No Gi Judo throws are awesome alternatives for more popular wrestling takedowns. They give you methods of getting your opponent to the ground that is not of the routine type. So if you are looking to learn something new and extend your takedown game, acknowledge these No Gi Judo throws and just get to throwing.