BJJ rash guard: what is it and why should you wear it

The best thing about BJJ is that you don’t need a lot of equipment in order to train. Heck, you don’t even need to get a gi in order to roll – there are many no-gi BJJ schools all around the world. But still, this doesn’t mean that you should shun the use of BJJ equipment altogether. One of the most important pieces of BJJ equipment that you need to have at your side is the so-called BJJ rash guard.

Benefits of wearing the BJJ rash guard

First thing’s first, the rash guard is a piece of clothing that you wear for the upper part of your body. But it has more than one use in the sense that it covers your skin. So, here you will read all about the benefits of wearing a rash guard.

We’ll begin with the name of the clothing – rash guard. It’s called this way because it will prevent mat burns. Try rolling on the mat while not wearing any clothes for your upper body – you will see that wounds will begin to form left and right as you roll on the mats. Your elbows will take the brunt of it as you use them to post on the ground very often. But if you wear a rash guard, you won’t have to deal with this issue as it can protect your skin from mat burns.

The second benefit of wearing a rash guard comes in the prevention of skin infections. You may not realize it, but if the mats aren’t properly sanitized, then they can be a breeding ground for disease. There are many skin diseases that spread upon contact – so, if you wear a rash guard, you will have a new layer of protection for your skin. Getting skin disease on BJJ is one of the most irritating experiences that you can have – so make sure that you’re protected with the help of the rash guard.

Sweat is another potential issue that you will do away with if you wear a rash guard. If you only wear your gi, then you will start leaking sweat left and right, and your hands may get all sweaty. This will dramatically weaken your grips because now your hands will slide a lot easier. Wear a rash guard to prevent this.

There is another potential health benefit that you will experience by wearing BJJ rash guards you shorten the recovery time that your muscles need after a workout. There are scientific studies that show that muscle compressions aids in muscle recovery. And if there is one thing that the jiu jitsu rash guard is good about – it’s compressing your muscles.

As you see, it can be a really smart investment of yours to purchase a BJJ rash guard. If there is one person that consistently promotes the wearing of a rash guard, then it’s BJJ leglocks legend, John Danaher. He wears a rash guard all the time even when he is not on the mats – and he swears by it. So, take the words from the master and buy a rash guard of your own.