BJJ vs boxing in a street fight

How would BJJ vs boxing go in a street fight? Well, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration. Nonetheless, the most important ones are probably the skill level and the experience of the fighters. The technique each fighter has, as well as how good they master their sport is also essential. Knowing about the style of you competitor can be helpful in a one on one fight.

Another important thing is that nowadays BJJ and boxing are primarily known as sports. The fact that they are self-defense only comes as second, since the skills you learn are thought in a closed, controlled environment.

BJJ vs boxing… who would win?


The classic game plan for a BJJ practitioner on the street fight would be to take the opponent down on the floor. And here is where the problem lies for a lot of modern BJJ practitioners. First of all, takedowns are not well taught by a lot of BJJ academies and second, the guard pulling has become popular. Also, BJJ techniques from the guard are not that easy to execute under the rainy weather, with constant punches coming at you.

After the takedown, a BJJ practitioner will probably want to get to mount or at least side control. From the mount position, if you punch your opponent, it is possible to force him to turn his back. That way, you can create the perfect position for the rear naked choke or any other back control submission.


The most important and hardest part of the boxer vs BJJ practitioners is to stay on their feet and to continue striking. Managing to strike and maintaining distance are key in order for the boxer to win the fight. If the fight goes to the ground, there is almost no chance for the boxer to win.

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