Fairtex Gloves Review 2019

Fairtex is one of the most prominent brands to exist when it comes to Muay Thai. Their venture started out in 1971 with training equipment and T-shirts that were to be sold in Thai departmental stores but they expanded their product line to martial arts gyms across the globe in the 1990s. Another thing that leads them to the reputation they have is the introduction of their own dedicated Muay Thai gyms, the first one being set up in suburban Bangkok in 1975; it was also the first gym that allowed foreigners and female fighters to train in it. You can also find FairtexMuay Thai gyms in the United States that led to the brand being famous in the west. One of Fairtex’s best Muay Thai gear is their gloves because of the quality and complexity they have in their construction, here are some of their best works:

Fairtex Gloves Review 2019

Fairtex BGV1 Boxing Gloves

The Fairtex BGV1 is a very versatile product as you can use it to train in the various disciplines of combat sports, namely, Muay Thai, boxing or MMA and if you are learning more than one in your current routine, then you will find this pair most useful. For a good hold onto your fists, the gloves have a tighter fit than most and there is also a solid bar inside them which you can clench on to when striking and it also gives you good protection against potential injuries. The gloves come in many sizes from which you can choose from according to your comfort, they are 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and if you have big hands, 16 oz.


Fairtex BGV1 Breathable Boxing Gloves

The BVG1 Breathable is a variant of the original, which makes it different is that it has more space, bacterial protection and an additional size of 18oz. This makes the glove ideal for athletes who have big hands and are natural heavy-hitters; the glove is built to give them good protection with its incredible durability which allows them to train at their full potential without hesitation. The best part about these gloves is that they feel comfortable to wear despite having all of this rigid protection, you do not have any fatigue or clunky motion when you train with them on. Another thing to look out for is their remarkable aesthetic since you will be sticking with these gloves for a long time if you purchase them, make sure that the design is to your liking.


Fairtex BGV8 Mexican StyleGloves

A different take than your usual Fairtex combat gloves, the BGV8 is one that excels in the Mexican style of boxing or combat arts, particularly Cleto Reyes. The gloves also work well for boxing since there is they are more angular but there is less padding on the design which means you will not get as much defense from strikes in return. If you want a product that works well with the general bag or pad training, then go for these. Other than their application, the gloves are pretty comfortable to use.


Fairtex BGV6 Angular Sparring Gloves

The BGV6 Angular sparring gloves are another versatile product that works well for both boxing and Muay Thai. The design on the gloves is tapered which allows the athlete to land stronger punches, especially if you want to excel at hand heavy NakMuay. The gloves are a bit thinner than the usual Muay Thai gloves because they do not have that thick wrist padding but it makes up for it by giving you more speed and power since there is less weight on your hands. You can probably roughen them up and they will stick with you in your toughest training sessions, which shows that they are consistent


Fairtex BGL6 Pro Competition Model

The BGL6 gloves come in two variations, the Lace-up and the Velcro, while both of them are similar in performance in many aspects, there are some situations where you find one type having an advantage over the other. For sparring purposes, the Velcro is preferred because of how much you can roughen it up, allowing you to train and spar without holding anything back. The Lace-up version is good for full contact competition because it is easier on the hands, allows for fluid movement and strikes that impact hard. The design of the Pro Competition model also stands out with its quality construction and vibrant color schemes.

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