Best Focus Mitts for Muay Thai, MMA and Boxing for 2020

Focus mitts are used in training, they do not cost much as compared to punching bags. They can improve your punching and defensive skills to a huge extent. They not only improve the trainee’s overall performance by improving their footwork, punches, accuracy, stance, form, offense and timing but also help trainers and coaches assess the performance of the trainee. Coaches can examine how the moves of the trainees up close and correct them when need be. Focus mitts come from a versatile range; they vary greatly in style and design. Read More about the best Focus Mitts for Muay Thai, MMA and Boxing

Focus Mitts Types

Flat Focus Mitts

Flat mitts are great at blocking punches, it is also said that they are faster than other types of mitts.

Contoured Mitts

These sorts of mitts are designed especially for your hands to cup into. If your hits or punches are heavy then this would be your best choice.

Micro or Cuban Style Mitts

These lightly padded mitts would be your best pick if you want to work on accuracy.

Air Mitts

Air mitts can handle heavy punches, kicks, and hits since they are heavily padded.

Best Focus Mitts for Muay Thai, MMA and Boxing 2018

Ringside panther training target focus punch mitts

If you or your trainee throws some heavy punches then these Ringside Panther mitts will be great picks. They are quite comfortable, durable and can bear force to a great extent. These mitts have firm leather striking surfaces and their ball cushion cups will catch your punches well. The downside of Ringside Panther mitts can be the hand area which is on the small side.

Rdx gel hook and jab pads

RDX Gel Hook and Jab Pads are one of the best mitts available for sale in terms of durability and performance. The perks of these mitts are that they are thick, have ‘Infused Shock Dispersion’ foam due to which they can withstand impact shock and have a Shock-Gel layer in them which especially absorbs force. They are made up of leather and are overall very comfortable and appealing to the eye. The reinforced stitching makes them long-lasting. In terms of price, are slightly more expensive than other alternatives, but you with what these mitts have to offer they are definitely worth the investment.

Rdx Boxing Pads Cowhide Leather Hook And Jab

These mitts are a lower version of the RDX Gel Hook and Jab Pads. If you want good performance mitts at a reasonable price then you should definitely opt for RDX Boxing Pads. However, they are less durable than the original leather mitts but despite that, they offer excellent performance. Their red, black and white appearance with the RDX logo is attractive.

Title Platinum Punch Mitts

Title Platinum Punch Mitts are leather mitts and possess the ability to handle strong strikes or punches. They are made up of leather and have firm paddings. They give a good fit and performance and are worth your money.

Twins Special Punching Mitts Curved

You won’t have to worry about odor or durability if you get your hands on Twins Special Punching Mitts. They are made up of cowhide leather and are quite breathable. You can throw your best and hardest punches at them and they would be able to bear them just fine.

Century Creed Focus Mitts

The Century Creed Focus Mitts are crafted and designed to provide extra comfort and good fitting. Their manufacturers are well known for their top quality gear. With reinforced, strong stitching and solid padding, these mitts are one of the bests you can buy. The design is very attractive as well.

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