Fierce Edge Cyborg – Rashguard and Spats

Did you ever want to train like you’re an SF character? If the answer is yes, then Fierce Edge is the brand you need to check. Created by Lester Lee, who is a great enthusiast for video games and fitness sports alike, Fierce Edge seeks to bring comic books and gaming inspired products to the market, so that you can live your desire of training like a protagonist with great passion.

The company’s origin began with Lester Lee having an ambition of being the hero of his own journey. He has trained sports like Tae Kwon-Do, Shotokan Karate, and Muay Thai. Lee wanted to find a way to combine both his gaming and fitness hobbies. This brings us to the unique and creative apparel of the Fierce Edge gear, namely the Cyborg that is designed for combat sports like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Muay Thai.

Cyborg – Rashguard and Spats

Fierce Edge aims to make physical activities easier as possible by providing the best gear. This way, you can push the limits of your body’s potential while looking good with the flashy but resilient designs on the rashguards and spats. Both pieces of the Cyborg armor, the rashguard and the spats, are built with performance and functionality in mind, as they can help boost your conditioning and, in your strength-building capabilities. Check more details on these two pieces are below.

Cyborg Rashguard

Also known as the Cyborg armor, this rashguard from Fierce Edge really shows you their commitment towards a cool looking design and lots of features that will aid in fighting sports.

The rashguard’s construction includes thorough work with the chafe-free flatlock seam. It’s reinforced, smooth and it offers incredible durability. The Cyborg Rashguard sticks to your skin tightly enough, allowing for good mobility and freedom. Thus, it’s perfect when it comes to rolling over to dodge attacks, grappling your opponents or stretching your limbs out to perform strikes.

Aside from the functionality, there are a lot of features that impact your combat performance, like comfort and protection, and all of them have been addressed in the making. The neck of the rashguard is wide enough, so it won’t get in the way while fighting. The rashguard includes utility pockets that can hold and protect an object as large as a Samsung Galaxy S7, which is perfect If you use this rashguard in the gym. Hygiene and breathability are equally important. Therefore, the Cyborg Rashguard is made by a material with moisture-absorbing and anti-odor technology, to make sure you stay fresh for as long as possible.

Lastly, the design is phenomenal and it really stands out amongst many other rashguards available in the market. It makes you feel unique, plus the sublimated designs are fade-resistant with top notch quality.

Cyborg Spats

Of course, the cyborg armor isn’t complete without the spats, which are equally important if you want to perform at your optimum capacity. Like the rashguard, the spats are also made with a chafe-free flatlock seam and they have a four-way stretch material that offers great comfort whenever they are on.

The spats have a good fit, they provide a good stretch to some extent and they do not create any sort of interference whatsoever. There is also a large pocket on the spats, where you can store any item of a pretty large size.

Experience great freedom in movement as the spats stick to your legs like glue. You are also given silicone ankle grips and an elastic waistband so that there is no “baggy” or loose sensation left whenever you are performing your moves.

The material is anti-odor and it absorbs moisture. Therefore, you’ll remain fresh and uninterrupted, no matter how long your sparring sessions or workouts go.

As for the design of the Cyborg Spats, the graphics are done with great prowess (WTF is prowess?) as they appear quite vibrant and jubilant. They don’t show signs of fading and they maintain their colors in the toughest of situations.


Overall, Fierce Edge Cyborg was very comfortable and practical to use. It is true to size and the seems are not itchy. They are not to tight, so they won’t restrain your movements. Both the Cyborg’s rashguard and the spats have a cool design, for sure different from the ones you’ve used so far. If you want to try something new and go out of your comfort zone regarding the style of your gear, definitely check Fierce Edge. Besides the Cyborg gear, Fierce Edge offer tons of other unique styles of rashguards and spats, so feel free to check them out.