High Rollerz – Jiu-Jitsu Meets Cannabis

Let’s not be innocent, probably some of you, if not most, at least once in your life smoked weed. However, how many of us, ever thought about combining BJJ with marijuana smoking? Ok, probably some people did it. However, now it’s time to take it to a higher level, i.e. meet High Rollerz ™

What is the High Rollerz?

High Rollerz™ is a cannabis-infused Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament and show created by ‘Big Lonn’ Howard & ‘Mighty Matt’ Staudt – both equal parts passionate martial artists and cannabis activists. Their goal is to formally and responsibly merge the worlds of martial arts and cannabis. Through this, they want to work towards de-stigmatizing this substance through education and example. High Rollerz™ thinks cannabis is a powerful and natural tool that helps humans in many ways and that the people who regularly use it and perform at an extraordinary level are the best spokespeople for it. They also love and support Brazilian jiu-jitsu and all its practitioners. High Rollerz™ seeks to provide a fun, alternative events while always keeping your respect as a well-run and legitimate promotion. As they define it, it is just simply the dopest martial arts tournament in the world

But why?

The debate around recreational consumption of marijuana and sport has long been a source of controversy, and MMA leagues in the United States are no exception. Many competitors who adhere to smoking bans during competitions are tested positive because of how long the weed lasts in the body. By this rule, UFC stars whose tests have shown the presence of marijuana (such as Nick Diaz) are punished by high fines and even suspensions and bans. Matt Staudt and Big Lonn Howard, founders of the High Rollerz tournament, do not agree with this policy and want to set a new standard in martial arts. That is why they started the Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition seasoned with cannabis, during which the best players in this field of sports smoke with their opponents before the start, and the main prize is a pound (i.e. almost half a kilo) of weed.

How does High Rollerz look in practice?

High Rollerz is a private event open to registered competitors and ticket holders. In order to gain entry to one of the shows, a competitor must compete in and win one of the OPENs. OPENs are the High Rollerz way of finding the best of the best. There is no way to purchase a spot in the main t show. The only way into one of Super Brackets (main event) is to win one of the OPEN tournaments. In order to stay legal opens are non-smoking. Currently, cannabis consumption is not allowed at a publicly accessible event. To compete you must be at least 18 years of age, register and pay the fee and that’s all.

High Rollerz uses a ruleset called ‘Ten or Tap’. This means you and your opponent will be strategically racing towards two possible outcomes, the collection of 10 points or submission. High Rollerz’s point system and reffing are built in a way to prevent stalling and to keep matches action filled. At main event rules are simple: every fighter has to use marijuana before their match. Operating on an honors system, there aren’t any rules that dictate how high they need to be, just that they must smoke out before their respective bouts. The winners of each bracket get the championship title for their division and a pound of weed.

Some opinions about High Rollerz™

Honestly this show was one of a kind. Matt & Lonn clearly have a vision, and I think they are on to something special. I can’t wait to see what’s next!” — James Burns | VICE

By far the coolest martial arts event I’ve ever been to” — Joe Schilling | Joe Rogan Experience

Time is short, but if someone liked this event so much, he can still try his chance to take part in it. High Rollerz’s Open takes place in San Diego on the weekend of November 9-10. You can still register! This year’s main event will take place in December and it will be the 3rd edition of the tournament.