Koral Gi Review – Top Gis For 2020

Koral Gi was founded in 1997 and is a renowned apparel company. Koral Gi are exported to over 25 countries and you can see their sponsorship on the best athletes of the world. They produce high-quality gis that are made from 100% cotton and are extremely durable. Since their inception, they have grown and evolved into a leading mixed martial arts apparel company. Victor Costa was the founder of Koral Gis, who initially just wanted to cater for close friends who were involved in the Jiu Jitsu business but in a short period of time their business grew and become a trademark in the mixed martial art’s world. Their gis are very unique and have a sleek finish to them. They can be worn for daily practitioners and the gis are also approved for all IBJJF and CBJJF tournaments. Their gis are innovative and have amazing features likes anti-microbial, fast drying, neck lapel material and many others. Read Our Koral Gi Review.

Koral Gi Review

Koral MKM Pro Competition Gi

MKM Pro Competition Gi is also the original competition gi which is approved for all kinds of IBJJF and CBJJF tournaments. They are highly durable and lightweight because they are made with 100% cotton. The jackets are pre-shrunk and they have clean and a very minimalist style to them. The collar of the jacket is soft due to the EVA foam rubber collar which helps the trainer to do intense training without any worries. This Gi is made in Brazil and represents high quality by its material. ‘

Koral Original Gi

Made by 100% cotton and is Koral’s most standard Gi. The material of this Gi is light single weave fabric and the collar of the kimono is stiff. The Gi has fast drying feature and after a long day of training it dries out pretty quickly. It is a fit slim Gi. It is lightweight and soft which offers to be the perfect Gi for summer time. The design of the Gi is very clean and is closely cut having a non-descript look to it. The gi is pre-shrunk which prevents it from shrinking overall.

Koral Slim Fit Web 2

This limited edition Gi has a new slim line cut which caters for all kinds of shapes and sizes. The cotton pants are integrated with the traditional draw string. The slim fit is approved for competition by the CBJJF, AFBJJ and IBJJF. The embraided patches on the gi are synthetic which are guaranteed not to crap, warp or even fade. The pants have extra belt loops to make sure the pants stay where they should be. The single weave material of the gi is extremely soft and comfortable to wear. It is made from 100% cotton and is also pre-shrunk.

Koral MKM Competition XX

The gi is of navy-blue color and this is the sole reason why it is not approved for competition by the CBJJF, AFBJJ and IBJJF. The patches on the Gi are very durable and they will not peel, warp or fade away by washing or with time. This Gi is made with contrast stitching on the jacket and pants. The material of the Gi is very soft, lightweight and durable. The jacket is made with one piece of the premium fabric which provides the trainer strength, comfort and durability. The gi offers a tight fit which makes it hard to grab. Made with 100% cotton and is also 100% pre shrunk as like all the products of the Koral apparel.