Triangles: Enter The System by John Danaher – DVD Review

John Danaher workshop was busy again. From the very starts with leg lock DVD, through back take series, front headlock and Kimura DVDs John was doing a brilliant job for BJJ community. Newest acquisition, from the Enter The system series, is here. Divided into several volumes, Triangles: Enter The System DVD brings a very important BJJ topic on the surface – triangle chokes.

He chose triangles presentation because from his point of view they are the most versatile submission and with that adjective added it is surely topic BJJ practitioners around the world would like to hear about from John. From volume to volume John explains all about setups, chokes, and armlocks. Word by word, movement by movement, John lets you in all of his triangles secrets. They will give you a completely new, better insight into this topic. In next few paragraphs, enter in the Johns Danaher triangle world.

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Triangles: Enter The System by John Danaher – DVD Review

BJJ Triangles – effective submissions

Triangles are definitely a shining sign of BJJ world. The main reason of such importance is their effectiveness. As all of the BJJ “weapons”, the triangles passed their evolution too. Today, you have a wide palate of triangles in BJJ, but all of them are offering real effectiveness in sparing. Knowing that it is not strange that Danaher puts a very loud accent on them. Now is the right time for you to learn a few good tips from John about front triangles, opposite triangles, rear triangles, side triangles and reverse triangles.

DVD #1 – Overview of the system

In entering sentences of this DVD, Danaher explains a lot of theory that stands behind his view of BJJ as an art. It is important to say that this is a must watch the volume. It will be very hard for you latter to keep track with John if you skip this volume. He explains the meaning of triangles in BJJ instead of jumping in the middle of the triangles technique. Also, his multiplicity theory is fully explained. You will find out, what are those two stages in triangle choke Danaher outlines.

When it comes to mechanics, John is a master. He will offer you detailed chokes explanations. Examples of solo and partner drills and triangles situations are also explained to details. Triangles variations are covered in the finish of this part. John outlines five variations; front, side, rear, reverse and opposite triangles. In further volumes, each of them will be explained.

DVD #2-4 – Front Triangles

This type of triangles is covered by 4 hours of instructions and that says enough how important front triangle in BJJ is from point of Johns view. In this chapter, John defines the front triangle and deconstructs the front triangle mechanics to pieces. You will get a full insight into how the triangle works and the reason why it works and why it is so efficient. Trap triangle is something you will get familiar with. Danaher explains the path from triangle traps to triangle strangle transitions and putting it together like a puzzle, which leads in submission. Now is the time for you to put this in use. Everything starts with a unified legs theory. This is an entry door for lower back positioning when applying to strangle move. John also explains few triangle choke entries with a sitting guard 2 on 1 setup.

In DVD #3 of “Enter the System: Triangles” by John Danaher, front triangle entries are explained. You will find usual and some unusual examples. Next topic is Danaher’s gripping system and the overtie. Overtie/overhook setup is also explained. The Kuzushi principle, which John borrows from Judo is one of his favorite principles from the bottom. Several options you have are explained, same as few wrist control combinations that can open front triangle setup.

Essential mechanics, specific details and attacking entries are explained in the first two volumes of front triangles. Final volume dedicated to front triangles in BJJ, start with reactive entries. Also, A lot of your actions to the opponent are explained and a lot of choices are explained so you can initiate choke movement. After reactive entries explanation, the top position comes on the light of the stage. The starting point here is guard passing situations. He explains different triangle entries regarding different scenarios. A lot of time here is dedicated to side control to front triangle series. Logical progression, from side mount to mount and all triangle options you have in this position is the last topic of the volume and we move to opposite triangle DVD.

DVD#5 – Opposite Triangle

The 5th volume describes an opposite triangle, the position that is not used very often by BJJ practitioners. Closest position to the opposite triangle that used in BJJ would be „standard“ front triangle. John firstly reveals a relationship between those two. In the ending part, you will get crucial information about control and what to do with opponents elbow. On the first look, it seems easy due to a very dominant mechanic but you have to learn how to integrate Kuzushi principle once again. Although direct choking is not possible from this position, Kimuras and American joint lock is the right thing to do here. Once you master it, you will surely love this movement.

DVD #6 – Rear Triangle

In the 6th volume of “Enter the System: Triangles”, Danaher firstly describes positions and mechanic that stand behind rear triangle in BJJ. Entries are the next topic, and the first one is a back entry, which is one of the Johns favorite entries. You can expand this knowledge by combining it with the information you can get in back attacks DVD. But on the other hand, back entry is not only possible entry. There are multiple entries to the rear triangle in BJJ. Everything explained by John Danaher is connected and everything together makes a perfect whole. In this volume, he connects the rear triangle to front triangle and to opposite subsystems. At the end of volume guard passing entries and other submission and joints lock of the rear triangle is explained.

DVD #7 – Side Triangle

Second last volume of this compilation brings out the side triangle in BJJ. From Johns point of view, it is a very useful submission tool to have in your pocket. The second benefit you get is a new way to finish front triangle that went wrong.  Firstly, the basics and mechanics of the side triangle position are explained. Next, the turtle position and hitting a triangle strangle from this position is a topic that is described to details. In the final words of this volume, the author describes the connection between the side triangle and some neighboring submissions.

DVD #8 – Reverse Triangle

In the end, John discovers the secrets of the reverse or inverted triangle. It is a bit different type of movement than others previously describes. Reverse triangle in BJJ has significantly different mechanic than all those triangles mentioned above. Do not be afraid, John Danaher makes it simple. He offers a lot of setups from different kind of positions like an inferior position or bottom side control. This kind of triangles works more as a surprise tactic or counterattack tactic. In combination with knowledge of others kind of triangles, you get a powerful weapon. The complete compilation ends with a variety of entries, both from a dominant position and inferior positions and with the armlock followup from the reverse triangle.

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If you want to master powerful weapon like BJJ triangles, this is a must-have piece of triangles knowledge. Definitely, it will change the way you look at triangles and will make you more efficient in practicing and using them. To conclude, grab this Triangles: Enter The System compilation of DVDs by John Danaher and start practicing. You will be thankful as you watch your BJJ triangle skills growing from day to day.

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