The Best MMA Books for 2020 – Reviews

It is believed that MMA is purely a physical sport, whereas, it is not. A lot of mental fitness is required in order to compete in this sport. The mental fight is as important as the physical fight in this competition. All the martial artists who became legendary in this sport learned well that to win in this fight a fighter has to be really intelligent and a quick thinker. For this reason, not only there should be the physical training but also there needs to be a mental training to keep body and mind sharp. For mental fitness, it is highly recommended that the fighters should read books that help understand the complexity of MMA. The best MMA books list below.

The Best MMA Books

Mixed Martial Art Fighting Techniques: Apply the Modern Training Methods Used by MMA Pros!

This book is modern MMA book that teaches really mind-blowing mixed martial art fighting techniques that are performed and demonstrated by professionals from all over the world. It has amazing fighting skills and moves which are important in various situations during a fight. This book is one of the best guides and manual for a modern-day fighter. All the moves and fighting techniques are explained in detail and also the situations in which they can be applied.

How to Build the MMA Body: Building an MMA Physique, the MMA Workout, Hardcore Workout, Hardcore Workout Routines, Diet Plan with Nutritional Values

If a person needs to look like an MMA fighter having a physique like one or wants to lose fat and needs to have proper diet plan without the help of a nutrient. This book is the answer for all.  All of these goals are achievable as they do require a lot of hard work but it is a hard word that guarantees a payoff. This book has various exercises that will force the person to work out as hard as an MMA fighter which will ultimately result in a beautiful physique. The workouts not only can help in reducing weight but also they can become a part of MMA training. There is also a 2-week diet plan that is supposed to be simply followed and repeated for best results. This book is filled with best work out training guides and routine plans.

MMA Training: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Mixed Martial Arts


MMA Training: The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Mixed Martial Arts is one of the latest modern books for young generation MMA fighters. This book is a crash course for learning MMA. MMA is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, and this book is the best, to begin with. It has all the basic moves, grapple, submissions, takedowns, fighting styles, and techniques in it, all easy to learn and implement.

Training for Warriors: The Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Workout


The book follows on one of the very famous sayings “To be a warrior, you must train like a warrior”. This book has a lot of key points that resulted in big wins for MMA fighters who became World champions. This book is filled with demonstrated photos that teach how to perform a move perfectly and precisely. This book teaches how to execute moves, takedowns, submissions, and grapples while targeting several areas of the body. One of the key features of this book is that is also grooms mentality of the reader while fighting. The main topics covered in the book are; weight cutting tips and nutrition plan, explanation on how to mentally fighting along with physical, details on how to deal with injuries.

Mixed Martial Arts: The Book of Knowledge

This book is written by a modern day MMA fighter. The book covers several aspects of mixed martial arts, BJJ, kickboxing and other sports. The Mixed Martial Arts: The Book of Knowledge, features fighting styles in different niches. It demonstrates the way of strikes, grapples, submissions, and takedowns. The book explains in detail how to control the opponent by noticing their movements and finding their weak spots. Along with that, the book teaches how to strategize while fighting.

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