Bruce Lee Abs Workout

In one thing I am sure. Immediately after reading article title you had Bruce Lees half-naked character on your mind. The perfect 6 pack mixed with perfect shredded physique is everybody’s first thought when you mention this name. Today I will try to approximate you, not the perfect Bruce Lee abs workout routine but the training philosophy that is standing behind Bruce’s training systems and how to implement that into your BJJ strength training. Let’s get started.

Bruce Lee Abs Workout

The first thing that you need to possess when it comes to final results, and that is perfect Bruces Lee abs, is training persistence. When I say persistence, I do not think of numerous repetitions of abs exercise. I think of the complete training approach. Ok, he did abs routines with different kind of exercises but also he was lifting weights and he was training martial art skills. All that together resulted with perfect core Bruce Lee had. If you think about that, the one word that connects everything he was doing is multi-directionality. He was strong enough to take any hit, but also fast enough to dodge and strong enough to kick s**t out of you. Isn’t this something you wish for when you are on the BJJ mat? I am sure the answer is yes. That is multi-directionality I was talking about. But how to create multi-dimensional Bruce Lee abs routine and implement it in BJJ training? Keep reading.

Multi-dimensional core function

Most people, when you mention them core, have abs muscles on their mind. And they are right but just partly right I would say. First task core muscles have is a protection of the vital organs we have. The second task is to enable greater mobility of the spine and trunk. Next one is to stabilize the top part of the body over the bottom part. Last but not least is control of the pelvic-lumbar relationship. So, besides the protection role, we can underline stabilization and dynamic role core have. To ensure every task is done properly, surface abdomen muscles and deeper layers muscles of the abdominal region had to work properly. Add muscles such are multifidus, erector spinae, quadratus lumborum, deep rotators to the core puzzle and now you probably have a real picture what core is. In one word, it is synergy. It allows us to move in different planes and different axis and to move in numerous directions. In the end, it allows us to create perfect Bruce Lee abs routine.

Implementation of learned

So, to sum up. To not have just the pretty 6 pack, but to have functional and strong Bruce Lee core you need a multi-dimensional approach to your core training. You ensure that by doing stabilization type of exercises, rotational and anti-rotational type of core exercises in a proper progression order. Those exercises demand complete synergy of the muscles and they, more or less, simulate real conditions you have in BJJ competition. Next thing you need to know. What is a good time for core training? The answer is yesterday. In other words, there is no core day. Core needs everyday attention. Prevention exercise, BJJ warm-up exercise, BJJ strength training …. add a little bit of core. Ensure stabilization, rotation, bending, explosive movements to ensure Bruce Lee abs.

Example of Bruce Lee core exercises

In the beginning, you can start with stabilization exercises to ensure optimum level of strength and to ensure prevention through warm-ups and stabilization training.

The first exercise is well known. It is a plank;

Add planks brother to Bruce Lee abs routine, side plank;

To ensure multi-dimensionality of stabilization exercises, add some of the plank variations from the following link;

Do some twist homework;

and some loaded carry work;

Do not forget about anti rotation;


Now when you gained some strength and you have done some injury prevention job, it is time to add some more advanced exercises such as;

Kettlebell pull Through plank

Core rotation with bar

Different ab roller variations

Different kind of chop-exercises

Turkish get up


In the end, you want to add some of the explosiveness into you Bruce Lee core routine.

Chose some of the following exercises;

Medicine ball slams

Medicine ball core rotation exercises

Hammer slams

Battle rope twists


Bruce Lees abs can be assured through numerous repetitions of boring abs exercise while maintaining low fat. Surely, that will give you a shiny 6 pack. As a BJJ practitioner, you need Bruce Lees abs that are functional. You need quality core routine that will ensure your prevention, good strength level, and explosiveness level. Find your perfect core match through endurance, strength and explosiveness. These key principles of Bruce Lee abs workout, I described you, will surely result in strong, functional and injury free core.

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