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 Whenever you are passionate about something, you want to get as much of it involved in your life and that can be other aspects you may not expect. It may not even impact your passion directly but we all know how excited we get whenever we find someone matching our interest or get a product that represents our favorite activity. Same is the case for BJJ and you will find a lot of accessories promoting the sport, over here we will be taking a look at mugs. Check out our List of the best bjj mugs.

Best BJJ Mugs


“All I Care About is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu” Coffee Mug

Here we have a mug that emphases great volume for all the BJJ users both literally and figuratively. Literally because of its high capacity of about 11 oz and figuratively because of the text printed on it saying “All I Care About is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu” which shows how passionate one is in practicing this combat art. As for the material, it is made out of high-grade ceramics that offers good durability and it has an extra-large handle that gives a safe grip away from the hot liquid contained within the mug. The text and image are printed both on the front and back sides of the mug plus, they are printed well enough to withstand any sort of damage. The mug is also safe to use in a dishwasher and microwave; it also comes with a money back guarantee.


“This Day is Powered By Jiu-jitsu” Coffee Mug

Crafted from the highest grade of ceramic, this coffee mug by WingToday is a product that is exclusive to their store and comes with a lot of benefits. The design of the mug is also great, making it an ideal gift for your friends or family enthusiastic about BJJ. The text says “This Day is Powered By Jiu Jitsu” which gives it meaning in a funny way since it is a coffee mug and you are quite literally “powering” yourself up with coffee. The cup has a capacity of 11 oz and the printing is also done with high quality as the apparel can withstand any intensity of either a microwave or dishwasher. WingToday also gives you a 100% money back guarantee for 30 days.


“Sometimes I Feel Like…” BJJ Mug

Another mug that is sure to give you some motivation or support as it reads “Sometimes I Feel Like Giving Up. Then I Remember All The Haters I Need To Choke”. So whenever you wake up feeling lazy or not in the mood for some training, this mug is going to remind you why you became a practitioner of BJJ in the first place as your eyes set their sight upon it. There is also a drawing in the middle of the text of two people grappling with one of them performing a triangle choke on the ground. It is made out of durable ceramic that is more consistent in daily use than regular ceramics and it comes wrapped in a Styrofoam package. The dimensions of the mug are 5x4x3 inches plus the capacity of 11 oz.


“Jiu-Jitsu: Because..” Mug

The last item in this list is a mug with a witty but a true message that says “Jiu-Jitsu: because you may run out of ammo. A statement that you would not find yourself thinking but when you read, it will get you to do so. Now about the mug itself, the material it is made out of is ceramic which makes it easier to clean and gives it sufficient durability. The picture and text are printed with good quality so there is no risk of fading or damage. The mug is also safe when washed in a dishwasher or used in the microwave; it also comes with a 100% money back guarantee.


“BJJ Rank” Grappling Mug

One of the most innovative designs that a mug can have which makes it an ideal product to be gifted or just kept with yourself. Like its design, the mug starts off with question “What is your BJJ Rank?” printed then it contains bars below it; these bars have the coloring scheme similar to the belts in BJJ that show the respective rank of the individual, for instance, you will see the black bar on the top and it goes down to white. The bars also have a checkbox in front of them so that you can “tick” your current rank. The mug also stands out amongst the rest of the mugs in the list by being made out of pure porcelain. It is safe to be used in a microwave or dishwasher and has good printing for its elegant multi-colored graphic design.