5 Most Effective Mount Submissions


The mount is one of the most frequent positions that can be found in BJJ. It’s a highly dominant position – it’s often said that taking the back is the single position that’s more dominant than the mount. But still, what good will it do if you get into mount if you don’t really know what to do from there? Sure, you will have a solid degree of control over your opponent. But the ultimate goal is to do a submission. That being said, below you will find 5 of the most effective mount submissions.

The mount can be turned from being a dominant position into a deadly position. All you need to do is stabilize your base and learn some of the most effective mount submission techniques.

5 most effective mount submissions

Cross-collar choke from the mount

This is one of the simplest and most frequently-used submissions that you can perform from the mount. It’s reserved for gj Jiu-Jitsu. You need to slide one of your arms under your opponent’s cross collar, deep near the neck. Then you need to use your other arm and slide it under your opponent’s other collar. What you will need to do now is grab your opponent’s collars and use your wrists to create pressure. At the same time, you will need to lower your head towards the mat, above your opponent’s head. Soon, the pressure will become unbearable for your opponent and he will have to do a tap out or go to sleep. For a demonstration, see the video.

Armbar from the mount

Another very useful high-percentage technique from the mount is the armbar. The armbar should be your bread and butter for opponent’s that don’t know anything about BJJ. The reason for this is that, once you mount them, they will usually flail their arms towards you and try to push you or hit you while being mounted. This will give you the perfect opportunity to scoot your hips a bit to the side while grabbing one of your opponent’s helpless arms, putting your leg over your opponent’s throat, and then finishing the armbar. It may be a bit more difficult to perform the mount-armbar on another BJJ practitioner due to the fact that they will usually be wary of this technique. However, if you find the right moment, then you will be able to execute the technique from the same exact setup. For a demonstration, see the video below.

Triangle from the mount

It’s also possible to execute a perfect triangle from the mount. What you will need to do, while in the mount, is to slide your leg under your opponent’s neck. This means that you will have to move your leg above your opponent’s arm. If you manage to do this, then you have done a big part of the job. The risk here is losing your position due to imbalance and your opponent exploding and destabilizing you. You need to work on this first. After you’ve done this and you have this position nice and secure, it’s time to finish the triangle. You need to lift your opponent’s arm (it’s likely that he will try to block) and complete the triangle with your other leg. You now have the choice to finish the move while in the mount or to just fall to your side and finish the triangle from the classic bottom-guard position. Your call. For a demonstration, see the video below.

One-hand guillotine from mount

UFC’s Luke Rockhold popularized this move in his first fight against Michael Bisping. The one-hand guillotine is a powerful weapon that you can use from the mount position. All you need to do is get into mount and wrap your arm around your opponent’s head. If done properly, your fist should be near your opponent’s throat. Use your other arm for stabilizing your position and your legs for increasing the strain on your opponent’s neck and for blocking your opponent’s movement opportunities. Start lifting your torso upwards while maintaining a firm pressure on top of your opponent with your hips. After a while, the pressure will get unbearable and your opponent will have to do a tap out. And what better demonstration of this move than to see Luke Rockhold’s submission.

Armlocks from the mount

But we must never forget the BJJ basics. The armlocks are one of the most effective weapons in the BJJ arsenal. And they can be deadly from the mount due to the increased leverage that you have over your opponent’s individual arms. What we have in mind are the Kimura and the Americana. All you need to do is isolate one of your opponent’s arms first, from the mount. Make sure that you maintain your base firmly, as your opponent will likely try to wiggle out or explode. Grab your opponent’s wrist and then slide your other arms in order to finish – depending on your opponent’s arm’s position – either the Americana or the Kimura. For a demonstration, see the video below.

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