The Truck Position – Setup and Submissions

The 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu system is very widely used in BJJ and MMA. It’s pioneered by BJJ legend Eddie Bravo and is used by some of the best BJJ and MMA practitioners in the world. That being said, one of the most basic positions of this system is the so-called Truck position. This is a position from which you can control and dominate your helpless opponent. If you want to learn more about how to enter this position and how to execute attacks from it – then continue reading this article.

Setup of the Truck

Once you see it for the first time – you may be perplexed by the position. After all, it doesn’t look very tidy – it’s unlike the regular full guard. One person is laying with his back on top of another person and their arms and legs are intertwined… we get it if the truck seems difficult to grasp at first.
But with time, you will come to know how exactly you can use this position. At the very simplest – you need to be underneath your opponent and have a lockdown on one of his legs while you’re controlling either his arm or his leg with your arms. And this is the basic setup of the truck. From here you can execute many attacks or just control your opponent.

Entry into the truck

The 10th Planet BJJ guys, with Eddie Bravo on top, are known for their unorthodox approach to BJJ. They have created some very unique techniques that differ from the BJJ orthodox techniques. And they continue to add to the BJJ arsenal with new techniques and methods to use them. The same can be said when it comes to the entry into the truck. If we gather all the ways in which you can enter this position – then their number would range in the hundreds.

But it’s not necessary to learn all these methods for getting into the truck. All you need to do is implement some basics and you will do just fine. One of the most basic entries into the truck is when your opponent is turtled up and you’re in control. What you need to do now is to put one hook in-between his legs and put your foot on the outside of your opponent’s leg. Then you need to grab your opponent’s other leg with your two hands and start pulling to the side. Your opponent will lose his balance and will go over you with his back. At the same time, you will be able to do a lockdown on his other leg. You’re now into the truck.

The truth is that there are countless other ways to get into the truck – and we would have to go through hell and back in order to put them into to words. Many of them require flashy movements that will get you into the position. What we recommend you do is see a visual demonstration of the entries into the truck. See, for example, the video at

Submissions from the Truck

Banana Split from the Truck

What you’re likely very interested in is learning the submissions that you can perform when in the truck. The truth is that you can very easily make your opponent’s life miserable with the use of some of these techniques. To get things started, you can try doing the so-called banana split. While you’re holding the lockdown on your opponent’s leg, you can use your arms to grab your opponent’s other leg at the hips. Then you need to push his “lockdown” leg while pulling on the other leg with your arms. If your opponent isn’t very, very flexible (which few people are), then it will result in a tap out. For a demonstration, check

Calf slicer from the Truck

You can also do a calf-slicer by putting one of your legs between your opponent’s hip and calf – with your own shinbone pointed at his calf. All you need to do then is pull down on this opponent’s leg with one of your arms. This will create a massive pressure on his calf and he will have to tap out due to pain. Check the video below for a demonstration

Twister from the Truck

Last, but not least, you can do the twister. This is a devastating submission that will put tremendous pressure on your opponent’s spine at multiple points – make sure that you’re careful with it. What you need to is get your head over your opponent’s arm while you’re in the truck. This will enable you to grab your hands at the side of his neck. Wrap your legs around the leg where you held the lockdown and start pulling on your opponent’s head. If done properly, your opponent will have to tap out soon.

In conclusion

The truck is a position of tremendous potential. There are many submissions that you can effectively implement from this position. But you will still have to drill them in order to perfect their implementation. Remember this next time when you’re on the mats.