Kids jiu jitsu: why should kids start with jiu jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is quickly growing to be one of the most popular martial arts in existence. Ever since Royce Gracie pioneered BJJ in UFC, people are getting increasingly interested in learning more about this martial art. But is this something that can be taught to children? Well, if you have a child, then it may be the smartest thing to do to enroll it in BJJ training. There are many reasons why kids jiu jitsu is a great option for you to consider. Below you will find some of the benefits that your child can experience if it starts to train BJJ.

Why should kids start with jiu jitsu

Develop discipline

Discipline is a trait that should be developed from the earliest age. And if your child is consistent with training and if it learns the etiquette of BJJ – it will be able to master discipline which will immensely help the child later on in life.

Develop courage

Courage is very important if you wish to succeed in life. While BJJ is not a very dangerous martial art – there are no direct punches and kicks here – it still demands you to have the courage to roll with other people on the mats. Not to mention the fact that one day you can compete in tournaments with a great number of people in the audience. This will take courage – and your child can learn this important trait.

Learning self-defense

Above all else, – BJJ is a martial art. If you learn the right techniques, then you will know how to defend yourself in a scenario of one-on-one combat. Your child will learn how to defend itself with the help of BJJ. This is very important and it may be a life-saver – the world that we live in is far from safe. BJJ can help your child gain confidence that it can deal with various kinds of dangerous situations.

Develop social skills

You will have to learn BJJ with other people – it’s impossible to learn it on your own. Your child will have the perfect opportunity to chat up the fellow practitioners and make friends on the mats. Your child will develop great communication skills while having fun – this is the best setup for this purpose.

Develop persistence

Not everything is all that easy to be learned in BJJ. Your kid will learn to be persistent if it wants to succeed – and it will be able to implement this trait in many other areas of life.

Develop strength

BJJ is a purely physical art. This means that you will develop your body and your strength as you practice – and the same goes for your kids.

Kids jiu jitsu belts

As to the kids jiu jitsu belts, there are different colors that signal different levels of skill. The belts for the juniors differ from the belts for the adults. There is the white belt, gray belt, yellow belt, orange belt, and green belt. The green belt is the highest belt that a youngster can get and after this, he or she will be able to get the adult blue belt.

So, if you have a child – it will be very smart for you to bring it to BJJ class. Make sure that you don’t force anything though – if your child is not ready to train then you will only do damage. Take things easy and slowly – and your child may one day grow up to be an expert BJJ practitioner.