Running for Jiu jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a complex martial art that focuses on  rolling and fighting on the ground. Some people use BJJ training and conditioning as a form of formation. Others have a real interest in combat sports. Either way, it is undeniable that it will have a profound impact on the body over time. BJJ is a mixed sport because it is not completely aerobic and not completely anaerobic. It is a combination of the two and needs to focus on the adjustment of both. Many newcomers make mistakes that depend on one system or another. Maybe they are completely focused on strength training, or they are completely focused on sprinting to form.However, in order for energy to continue throughout the BJJ round, you must introduce aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

Running For jiu jitsu

Once in an anaerobic state, it is more difficult for the body to return to an aerobic state. Unfortunately, most BJJ games start in an anaerobic state and then enter an aerobic state. If you want to get the best results from your conditioning, you must train your body to run the circuit that mimics this. Although people may say that running is not an interesting activity. Still, it is still one of the things people used to do. Boxers have been using running. Some people may think that it has more direct carry over than direct sports BJJ. However, the fact remains that all sports athletes, not just boxers, have ever run.

Of course, running should be part of the overall situation and should be in good shape. Although some fighters choose not to participate in the competition for various reasons.Here are some ways you can adjust running to help with your BJJ training.


Run In Laps

For best results, you must train your body in a way that mimics the BJJ wheel. This will vary depending on your belt level. If you are a leucorrhea, then the game is about five minutes. This time has gradually increased with the ranking. The average playing time for the purple belt is about 7 minutes. With this in mind, a BJJ athlete should create a running plan that lasts for five minutes. It should also be designed in a cyclical manner with periods of anaerobic and aerobic operation. There have also been reports that running too much leads to muscle loss, so if you are training with emphasis put on strength or muscle mass, then you should probably reduce your laps.


Keep Track of the Time

Running by itself is not a sufficient method of BJJ training but it is ideal for adding strength and endurance. It also helps the body prepare for strains moving between anaerobic and aerobic conditions. However, additional training is required, such as strength training and actual BJJ courses. You also want to avoid overtraining, especially if the game is approaching in the future. If you don’t get proper nutrition and rest, it’s easier to exercise too much. These factors must be considered when deciding the date and frequency of the run. If there is a match in the future, two to three days a week is enough. When the game is over, you will reduce the weightlifting, so replacing that time with BJJ sessions and running will help keep you sharp. If there is no competition, then twice a week is completely acceptable.


Benefits Of Running

Because activities belong to the scope of energy system work. Therefore, it is one of the rare disciplines covering all three energy systems. Although it is thought to be only aerobic, it can actually improve your anaerobic lactic acid and anaerobic lactic acid systems. Endurance is a big consideration for running. Long-distance running AKA, most people know that it is perfect. Slow rhythms and longer distances will help you build a second-to-none aerobic endurance. The benefits of running for BJJ are far more than just endurance and better fuel tanks. Running to improve blood circulation helps clear the mind and helps reduce fat. Oh, try to complete 10 full mountain sprints in 10 seconds, and you will learn all about the benefits of mental resilience. Running is also easy, no special equipment is required, and everyone can do it.

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