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Training equipment can often appear to be unnecessary and ridiculous but make no mistake as it becomes your first or last line of defense against critical injury. Other than protection it offers more ease and freedom to practice your movements, you can do things and really train in your limits knowing that you or your partner are free from any risk. One such equipment that people do not know the function of is the training mask. Good stamina is one of the most important components for anyone training as a fighter, whether it is a boxer or a BJJ practicioner, conditioning is key to make sure you do not get tired so easily. Training masks offer air resistance that simulates a lack of oxygen, which trains your cardiovascular system and thus your stamina. Given below are some of the best training masks you can get for BJJ and MMA.

Best Training Masks for BJJ and MMA 2019

Phantom Training Mask

First on the list is Phantom’s Training Mask that is a product doing its job with great design and efficiency. The purpose of a training mask is to give you good conditioning so that you can perform your workouts for a longer period of time which is why Phantom’s masks are modeled to give good breathability and more comfort. It is made out of medical grade silicone and a resilient fabric to add good durability. What is more amazing is how you can move around with ease without having to worry about ruining the masks because it is so lightweight and anatomically designed. To hold itself firmly around your face, it comes with an elastic band combination and four inhale resistance levels that you can switch between.

Elevation Training Mask 2.0

For those who truly want to test themselves, they need something that reaches the limit. The Elevation Training Mask 2.0 is an ideal product for this situation as it can make your lungs work up to 9 times harder to take the oxygen in. It also has a multi-patented flux valve system that offers 21 levels of resistances for really working out your breathing power, technique and the respiratory muscles. According to most, it has been found to improve your energy production, mental and physical stamina and breaking the limit on anaerobic exercises. You can also wear this mask during any form of physical training, whether it is a strength workout or a cardiovascular routine.

Sparthos High Altitude Training Mask

Another mask that is great for anyone looking to really work hard to go beyond their limits is from Sparthos. Now the High Altitude in the name gives you a brief idea on how the experience will be like; you will really feel the resistance when breathing in as much oxygen as you could, similar to the sensation of a lack of oxygen on the mountain tops. The mask gives you 16 different levels of breathing resistance, making it a good option for starters and experienced athletes alike. The construction is also done well as it is very durable, has an anatomical design that is suitable for the roughest of the workouts and you can adjust the firmness despite the mask having only one size.

CFORWARD Dust Proof Mask

Not as hardcore as a high altitude mask but definitely one of the best options to consider for your physical training routine. The CFORWARD dustproof mask does its job of providing you with less air to take in but it does this so you can breathe clearer and take in more oxygen. It does this by being Carbon Dioxide (CO2) resistant, meaning it uses active carbon filters to remove the gas. Additionally, the mask also filters 95% of the dust, chemicals, and fumes from the air you breathe making it a very viable option if you live in an area with high air pollution or if you have serious allergies. The filters are easy to clean and replace plus the company gives you spares.

Cardio King Altitude Training Mask

A simple looking mask but exceeding performance-based expectations when in use. Cardio King’s altitude training mask comes with a powerful and ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable to wear while giving an intense workout session. It comes in different sizes but it is also adjustable, it is lightweight and very resilient to damage. There is a non-slip strap that makes sure the mask does not move or becomes loose no matter what you do. You receive six different resistance caps from which you can adjust the breathing levels and there are three rubber pressure control valves to help in that. Lastly, you get a booklet with instructions on how to use the mask and some workout ideas mentioned in it.

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