Best BJJ Videos Ever – Most popular BJJ videos on One place

BJJ is becoming more and more popular. The biggest leap in recognition of jiu-jitsu was thanks to the firsts UFCs. However, this is not the only thing that is responsible for the increased interest in this sport. All sorts of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu related videos were also very important here. Below you will find most viewed BJJ videos on YouTube and also other great BJJ Videos to watch to be still motivated, show to your friends who want to start jiu-jitsu or just for fun. 

Most viewed BJJ videos

The videos with the most views are a real hotchpotch. You can find here a wide variety of content. Some of the most popular jiu-jitsu related videos you can see below. 

BJJ vs other sports

When you looking on YouTube for comparisons of BJJ with other sports you can find a real vastness of it. You want to check BJJ vs wrestling or vs judo? There are dozens if not hundreds of such videos. Some are better others are worse. If you have time and a desire to watch them, go ahead. Or you can limit yourself to the essence of this type of video and watch only the most viewed ones. Interestingly, a majority of the most popular BJJ vs other sports videos are jiu-jitsu vs bodybuilders. Two of them got 7,3 million views and the most popular one 13 million! Check all 3 of them below. 

The first one here is at the same time the most popular one. This video is a little longer than the other two (it last almost 10 minutes) and it is not a straight forward fight as you can expect. It is NABBA Bodybuilder Matt Smedley Vs. BJJ champion J.T Tenacity strength war (2 disciplines, 3 exercises each). Some people write in the comments it is just a clickbait. But you have been warned what this is. Watch it at your own risk. 

Quick fights

If you are deeply disappointed by the above video and you are thirsty for some action you will like the videos below. One is more professional, other more casual. The first one is the MMA fight between Mariusz Pudzianowski – the 5x World Strongman champion and Rolles Gracie – 4th degree BJJ blackbelt. 

While the other video is what you expected from the first Bodybuilder vs BJJ video. It is just over 1 minute of Bodybuilder taking an ass whooping from a BJJ Black Belt.

BJJ used in real-life situations 

Another very popular type of video is showing the use of BJJ in situations outside the mat. In such videos, you will see fragments of real-life actions and later a breakdown of techniques used in these situations. Below you will find the most popular videos of this type. 



Other most popular videos that don’t fit in the above categories you will find below. With more than 40 million you can see what happens when a Black Belt pretends to be a white belt. In a 6 minutes video, you can watch how did his training go as a white belt. 

Here you can see the last fight of a true pioneer and UFC icon Royce Gracie. This video lasts almost 12 minutes, but every second of it is worth seeing. 

This list of videos with over 5 million views closes with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brown belt Mike Palladino exposing a man posing as a Blackbelt in Marlboro, NY.

Other great videos 

Views are not everything. There is a bunch of videos that are not so popular but still so great. And when I say they are less popular, it doesn’t mean they are completely unknown. A lot of them still got millions of views, just less than 5 million. Some of them, you can find below. 


If you have a crisis and you stop believing in the sense of training BJJ, seeing the highlights of the best jiu jitsu competitors can remind you how beautiful this sport is. These types of BJJ videos are also great to show people just starting to train to inspire them. Below you can find videos about Roger Gracie and Marcelo Garcia


Motivational videos

If your jiu jitsu crisis is even deeper and highlights are not enough, just watch this. Below videos are great to watch for times when you’re thinking about skipping class or even giving up BJJ. They’ll give you a good dose of motivation and help to just keep going. 


Funny BJJ videos

Not always everything must be so serious. There is time for hard workouts, but there is also time for entertainment. Sometimes you just need a little laugh. That’s why below you will find funny BJJ videos. If you have little time take a look at short, but hilarious videos of Australian grappler and BJJ black belt Kit Dale. 

And if you got a bit more time, watch this prank including grappling dummy by Rener Gracie. It turns out Rener Gracie is not only a good BJJ instructor, but he also has a great sense of humor.