How to Make your Own Grappling Dummy

If you can’t go on the mat but you still want to keep in touch with BJJ, there are several ways to do it. You can read about jiu-jitsu, watch instructional videos, etc. But theory without practice is just not enough. Unfortunately, not all of us live with other BJJ practitioners and can train with them. That why it’s high time make your own grappling dummy at home. 

Why is good to have your own grappling dummy? 

When you have no other choice and you just can’t go on the mat but you still want to exercise practicing on a grappling dummy is practically a must. However, don’t look at it only as an unpleasant necessity but also see what chance it can be. Firstly, it won’t complain no matter what you do to it. It can bear much more than an ordinary person. Even when you will use your full strength it won’t get hurt etc. Your own grappling dummy won’t also complain about the number of repetitions. On it, you can just practice one technique, like armbar for example, over and over again. Every human would finally ask you how much more. Your grappling dummy will bear it patiently.

Grappling dummies basics 

There are various types of grappling dummies. They can vary in shape and size. Regarding their position, there are standing, kneeling, prone and adjustable ones. If you care about high quality and durability, you can buy one of the dummies available on the market. However, if you can’t afford it or you just don’t want to, make your own grappling dummy at home. It’s really quick and easy. Check below how to do it. 

How to easily make your own grappling dummy?

While creating your own grappling dummy you can bet on simplicity or go for something fancier. It all depends on how much time you want to spend on it, what items you have at home and what your needs are. 

The basic homemade grappling dummy 

For building this grappling dummy you only need everyday stuff, that you for sure got at home. You only need 4 towels (preferably the big ones), 2 pillows (rectangular ones will be the best) and your own gi. To make your own grappling dummy start by rolling two towels together. Repeat this step with the other two towels. Rolled up towels will serve as legs and arms, you just have to stuff gi with them. To make a torso place 2 pillows under the arms made of a towel. Put trousers on the pillows from below. Finally, tie a belt on your new companion. Congratulations, now you got your own grappling dummy. Below you also have a video on how to do it. 

The more advanced grappling dummy 

To build this grappling dummy you will need a lot more stuff than when building the previous one. So be prepared to buy some items or to be creative while replacing them. Here you will need some sweatshirt and sweatpants, a needle and extra strong thread, something to stuff your dummy (this could be what you have on hand, some padding from coach, rags or wadding) and 5 pool noodles. For the start sew all the cuffs of the hoodie and the pants shut. Place the pool noodles in a tracksuit like limbs and torso. Stuff the rest of the sweatshirt and sweatpants with the padding so that they are not loose. Sew together the top and bottom of the tracksuit. 

To make such grappling dummy more adjustable you can also use a cable, ducktape and some tennis balls. In the previous version you used whole pool noodles, here you need to cut them so they would imitate individual parts of the limbs, like the forearm, etc. To keep it all together you have to let the cable inside pool noodles. Cut balls will serve as joints and the duck tape will just keep it all together. Due to the fact that it is already more complicated below, you got a video on how exactly to do it. 

And if somehow you are a proud owner of a bunch of PVP pipes and joints and a few other things like a rope, you can also check a video below. Just don’t be fooled by the title, it won’t take you 5 minutes.