Best CrossFit Shoes 2019

If there is one way to give your best to your CrossFit performance it to wear the right shoes while training. There are many shoe models which have that “drop” in which the heel sits higher than your toes. There is a difference between models and brands when it comes to the difference between heel height and tow height. If a shoe has a flat heel, it can be great for cushioning your foot during a run or while you are training hard in the gym. CrossFit shoes keep that drop to a very minimal level so that you can perform can keep you from pitching forward on your toes.

The CrossFit shoes should be very flexible but firm. A firm sole gives a better transfer of energy stability when you are squatting, cleaning, deadlifting and snatching. If your shoes have soft, squishy soles in your running shoes will give the athlete ultimate power. The shoe should have enough space on the front. A wide toe box helps you spread your toes and distribute your weight while also providing proper knee and hip alignment. Lastly, the shoes should be durable than other running shoes. Extra material on the inner arch helps to protect the skin.

The Best CrossFit Shoes

Nike Metcon 3

If you will look around you will see a lot of people wearing Metcons on a lot of Cross Fitters feet. It has a firm heel, with a softer forefoot, tacky rubber for traction and sole that can extend up to the arch. It provides enough stability and cushion for running and jumping. It is the perfect shoe for the Cross Fit and is a choice of many trainers.

Reebok Cross Fit Nano 7

 It is the latest iteration of the most popular Nano that has 7 inner sock liners and a stable sole for helping you to power through lifts and landing box jumps. It has a Kevlar patch for protection from the rope. It costs around $130.

Inov-8 F-Lite 195 Classic

Inov-8’s is the first Cross Fit shoe, the 195 has just a 3mm dropped to get to close to the ground and make you feel the power. Traction is aided by a sticky rubber sole and the shoe is very lightweight. It weighs 195 grams and can be a good shoe for Cross Fit lovers

NoBull Trainers

It has a low drop shoe feature a one-piece upper made of Super Fabric, a durable, abrasion-resistant yet they are breathable material that gives the kicks a distinctive look. They will cost around 129$ and is a very good choice if you want that special feel in the gym.

Merrell Bare Access Flex

For WODs that goes heavy on the runs, the bare access offers the person a minimalist barefoot level. It’s a low drop profile and EVA midsole that provides stability for lifts and best for Cross Fitters. It is for $90 and gives you the best value for the price.