Best Judo GI for 2019 – Reviews

Best Judo GI 2018

Judo Gis greatly contribute to an athlete’s performance and hence it is important for a trainee or practitioner to select a Gi that best fits their needs and preferences. Judo Gis come with a belt in a color according to rank, a jacket, and pants that are more durable, comfortable and fitting. There is a diverse range of Gis to choose from, varying from the material, style to price range. Here is a list of five best Judo Gis that can enhance one’s efficiency and execution in the sport. Check out The Best Judo Gis in 2018

Best JUDO GI 2018

Fuji Single Weave Judo Gi

Made completely of cotton, this lightweight, and high-quality Gi is less rigid than its double weight version. It is quite soft, long-lasting, fits well, is comfortable to wear, and has a little shrinkage. It is easy on the pockets as well and comes in a wide range of sizes for both children and adults. Furthermore, this Gi will help improve movement and rolling. With a good number of advantages, Fuji Single Weave Judo Gi is an ideal investment for Judo.

Fuji Double Weave Judo Gi Uniform

This double weave Gi is heavier as compared to other Gis, it has a thick collar, is comfortable, has a good fit and the stitching on this Gi is of remarkable quality. It is also very durable and can bear a lot of attacks. The Gi tends to shrink so it is important to opt for a bigger size while purchasing. It has some good reviews online and can be bought in white or blue color at a reasonable price.

Fuji Sports Single Weave USA Judo Gi Uniform

The Fuji Sports Single Weave USA Judo Gi is specially designed to boost flexibility and provide maximum comfort during training and competition. The design is absolutely eye-catching having embroidered epaulets and the official Judo logo on the chest. The Gi has a thick collar, comes in various sizes and has a good fit. An interesting fact about this Gi is that a part of its purchases is given to the USA Judo High-Performance Fund to aid and train athletes to rise in the sport.

Adidas Judo  Double Weave Judo Gi

Adidas Judo J690 Quest Double Weave Judo Gi is a combination of cotton and polyester. It features a thick collar, six rows of stitching, gold Adidas stripes and a built-in rash guard to fight sweat. The Gi only comes with pants and a jacket. The Gi improves performance, is durable and weighs only 690 grams. The advantages of this Gi make it stand out among all other Gis and make it an excellent choice for both competition and training.

Yamato Sakura Bleached Single Weave Judo Gi

The Yamato Sakura Bleaches Single Weave Judo Gi is carefully crafted by putting great attention to detail. It is made up of 100% soft and thin cotton, has good fitting, boosts movement and is quite comfortable to wear. The Gi can shrink so it is important to keep that in mind. It comes with drawstring pants, a jacket with reinforced stitching and a white belt. It can be purchased in multiple sizes.

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