How much does BJJ/MMA gym membership cost ?

It is a very popular question that often comes from the beginners or the fighters that how much does the gym membership cost. Most people think it is costly, however it not always that case. Actually, it depends on a couple of factors such as; services used, duration of the membership, Instructors, and where the gym is situated, etc. It depends on the person who is opting for the membership whether they understand the services provided with the membership are useful or not. From the least cost of the membership can go from $70 to $200 per month. It is always advised to check each factor properly before signing the membership contract.

Factors that determinate cost of BJJ/MMA Membership


One of the most important factors to notice is the trainers at the gym. It is great luck to have really good trainers at the gym. Good instructors are totally worth the money. However, the majority of people prefer the size of the gym and other services. It all depends on the person who is taking gym membership. Expensive Memberships would really be worth if all the factors are balanced. Trainers and other services.

Gym Location

The place where the gym is situated matters a lot. It really contributes to the cost of membership. The simplest way to understand this is as posh as the location of the gym will be, the more it will cost. The cheaper the area of the gym, the lower the cost. Expensive gyms will offer more services than the others such as; gym facilities, gym equipment, and gym environment.

Duration of the Membership

The duration of membership is also a factor that can increase the bill of the gym. The shorter contract will cost more than the extended contract. Some gyms often offer discount rates when the customers sign up for the entire year at the time of registration. However, it is advised to go for 6 months registration, to avoid any inconvenience in the gym after signing up. BJJ or MMA are dangerous sports where injuries are very likely to occur and recovering from those injuries can take up to months. So, if a customer is injured and bound for an entire contract membership, then there is a chance to miss a couple of months.

It is advised to discuss the terms of rates and duration with the gym manager. It is always good to understand and know the rates of other gyms. An ideal gym membership will be the one with fair rates, good services, and outstanding instructors. Never settle for a cheap gym membership in order to save money because it will not be close to an ideal one.

Sparring partners

Every fighter needs a sparring partner to practice with. The sparring partner can be found in the same gym where membership is purchased. A gym with expensive membership will have better fighting partners available, however, that is not the case always. A sparing partner can learn along and also teach a lot of things. It is always two better than one. The fighting partner can teach and help practice complex techniques and maneuvers that might not be possible to achieve the best with a trainer.

The environment of the Gym

Gym environment needs to be friendly and cooperative otherwise it will be useless. Latest equipment, quick adaption to the comfort zone in the gym and tidy place, these are all that count for a good environment of the gym. When the gym environment is optimal the fellow gym goers and trainers would feel safe and comfortable. This allows everyone to put maximum efforts and get the most out of the time in the gym.

Variety of fighting styles

Good gyms will always have a good variety of fighting styles and trainers with good experience of those styles available. Majority of people who are new to the BJJ or MMA want to be all-rounders, hence, a good gym membership will include trainers with different fighting styles. The variety might include; Boxing, BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai, or Wrestling, etc. A few years ago, this was really tough for some fighters, as they had to switch from one gym to another in order to learn different fighting techniques from several instructors.