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The worst fear of any contact martial arts contender must be a blow to the shoulder, it can spell the end of your career. Training with an injured shoulder is very difficult due to the notorious pain. To relieve some of the pain and help you get back in the game as quickly as possible shoulder braces were introduced.  Not all shoulder braces are the same it depends upon the level of injury and how the fabric is helping, is the fabric restricting your movement or is it good these factors are taken into consideration. Some shoulder braces are tough and they keep your shoulder intact but are harder to work with where as others are loose and help you train easily but might compromise on the joint placement.  the best BJJ shoulder braces are comfortable, adjustable and come in all shapes and sizes to fill up your needs.

Perfect MMA & BJJ Shoulder Brace Specification

When buying Shoulder Brace for MMA or BJJ you need to consider multiple specifications. BJJ shoulder Brace should provide support, and at the same time be comfortable enough. Also when buying MMA shoulder brace, buying one appropriate to your injury is crucial. More severe injuries need a brace that provides maximum support and less of mobility so the injury can heal. If you gonna train with your shoulder brace it should be  Breathable and moisture wicking.



If you are suffering from a minor shoulder injury this is your pick.  It provides a high level of support which is perfect for muscle sprains, small rotator cuff injuries and tears. Moreover, it is very comfortable to wear and not bulky at all. Provides an increased level of support and compression, adjustable arm closure design eliminates underarm chaffing: Fits arms of all sizes. Breathable air meshes construction with TPR gripper pull-tabs and X-strap technology system includes the EVS shoulder support system that speeds up the recovery.


Comparing to the previous one this one is for a little tougher injuries, it also covers a wider range of injuries, but also comes with more movement restrictions as well. Still, it is one of the best tools you can use to make sure you train effectively with a faulty shoulder joint. Babo Care shoulder brace provides stronger, more reliable support, it can help: Speed up the recovery process, Protect your shoulder from further injury, Provide compression (which may enhance the receptors in your skin and help your brain better understand the position of your shoulder.)



The shock doctor is an amazing word to hear if you are into MMA then you know that you’re getting the highest quality professional gear from them. This is more comfortable and helps speed recovery and supports injuries like AC sprains and rotator cuff injuries. The Soft Lycra binding stretch mesh zone offers a COMFORTABLE fit for long lasting wear, N-Tex air-flow vented materials keeps moisture out, promotes therapeutic warmth and healing.



The shock doctor is great for men but for females this one is the best. It is comfortable, durable. It can heal almost anything like dislocations, rotator cuff trauma or any serious shoulder injury. This one is the best one especially for women. IThis Shoulder brace uses a triple stitched, lightweight, breathable, and washable, brace with premium Velcro grips. It comes with an Adjustable fitment for both left and right shoulders. It has been specially designed for women to sit high on the chest and also men. It has fully adjustable support/compression balance to make your shoulder recovery as pain free as possible.



This is one of the specialists; an extended purpose shoulder brace that provides compression, elevation and support to any kind of injury. This is helpful in all sorts of ways as it provides medical treatment as well as physical treatment so it’s a 2 for 1 combo. The latex-free neoprene provides thermal/compression therapy. Simple, breathable and light weight design makes it perfect for extended wear. It has been engineered to support the shoulder while returning to activity. Helps reduce pain caused by muscle or joint injury such as arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, clavicle or AC Joint injury and dislocation etc.



This shoulder brace provides great stability and aids recovery in a more diverse way either it being sleeping, resting or training. This is a hybrid version of every versatile shoulder brace out there and its one of the bests. This shoulder brace has extended purposes that are very helpful in the recovery phase. It comes with a pocket for hot/cold therapy. It offers medium to strong shoulder support. By keeping constant soothing pressure on your shoulder, the stability brace can help speed up the recovery process; protect your shoulder from further injury and serves as a reminder to not overextend your shoulder.