Side Control Escapes That you Must Learn

Side Control also called side mount is a basic dominating position in BJJ in which we all want to get in to. Being in top side control offers you greater control and a great array of the attack and possibilities to further improve your position. BJJ white belts often when they get this position try to stick with it, not improving position to knee on the belly and the mount. This is the case because attacks from the side position even if they fail, you will still be able to continue holding side control. In white belt level, attacking from the mount, you will probably lose this position and end up on your back which leads to the case people just start stalling from the side. It can be frustrating being in the bottom side control for whole sparing, so it is very important to add more side control escapes to your arsenal.

Side Control Escapes

Being in side control is a position we don’t want to be in because it means you are losing on points, minimum 3-0. and after probably you have to endure all those submission attempts and position changes to north-south or full mount. BEst way to prevent this is to have an impassible guard like Xande Ribeiro or at least learn a lot of good side control escapes so thr time we send in this position is shortest as possible. Check out 3 side control escapes that you must learn.

Side Control Escape: Shrimp to Guard

This is the one of most basic side control escape you will ever learn and probably use it the most.In order for his escape to be successful, you must establish good hand position. One hand must be positioned under opponents chin and other inside his biceps. In most cases positioning the hand is not easy because the opponent will hold you tight. In order to position hands properly, you need to make enough space between you and your opponent.

This can be achieved, first by bringing heels to your butt and then bridging while inserting your left hand under opponents chin. Pushing in your opponents with a hand under the chin will leave you a lot of space to insert another arm. With both arms in the right position, its time to push to make space and side shrimp to connect your knee with an elbow.

Elbow push

Like in shrimp side escape, arm positioning is very important because in order to escape we need to make space between you and your opponent. When you establish a frame with your hand, break the grip, take your head underneath his arm and push his elbow away. To finish this escape hip escape while pushing on your opponent elbow.

Hipp roll Side Escape

Hipp roll is more complex side control escape in which you can give your back to the opponent if the technique is not executed properly.

Sit up Side Control Escape

The best moment to escape side control is when your opponent doesn’t have tight pressure, so to escape we must react quickly. His way we are preserving our energy and stopping the opponent from taking 3 points.Also after escaping from side control with this escape, you can try immediately to move to butterfly guard and try to sweep.