Atama Gi Review – Top Products for 2020

Atama is one of the oldest BJJ gear production companies. It has been on the market since 1989 when Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was not so popular. They know exactly what the fighters need to make the best of this sport. Their products are no less than best. They are very well-known for their quality products. The Atama Gis are quite popular for their design among the fighters. Atama Gis are not made just to sell, they are made to actually provide the best comfort and fulfill all the needs of a proper GI. They are designed in such a way that none of the Atama Gis will ever wear out or cause any trouble to the wearer. The Atama products are very impressive and they outdo other products in the market. A lot of professional and famous fighters choose Atama Gi over any other. The Atama Gis are made, designed and crafted by grapplers which ultimately outcomes into a better product for grapplers. Atama Gi review below

Atama Gi Review

Atama Single Weave Gi

Atama Single Weave Gi is one of the premium Gis out in the market. Atama premium Gis are very cheap and they have all the traits of a great Gi. Single Weave Gi is very comfortable from its very first wear. This Gis is known to last for very long as it durable. This Gi has the logo of Atama on both arms. There is enough space on the Gi for the fighters to put their own badges or patches. It is made out of cotton completely. The price of this Gi is $160.

Atama Light Jiu-Jitsu Gi

Atama Light Jiu-Jitsu Gi is the lightest Gi ever that they made. In BJJ, even the slightest weight difference can change the impact of the competition.  If a fighter wears a heavy Gi then while fighting, saving energy is the top priority. The light Gi can help save a lot of energy that can ultimately help the fighter to fight longer. The Atama Light Gi is very light in weight and it is also very cool, so the fighter will not feel warm or hot after a few minutes into the fight. One of the best traits of this Gi is that it is really durable. It will probably last for a very long time without tearing or fading out. The price of this Gi is $180.

Atama Mundial Model 9

This is one of the most well-known and popular Gis of Atama. This is the ninth model of the Mundial series; it has been improved and made even better since its first model. This is best Atama can offer to its customer and this Gi is undoubtedly one of the best Gis in the market. This Gi is made in Brazil which is the birthplace of BJJ; hence, to honor the name of BJJ Atama really makes this model with utter perfection. This Gi is extremely durable and can withstand harsh training sessions and rough fights. Atama Mundial Model 9 has Carioca Weaved jacket which is made of a single piece of fabric material. This Gi is seamless. This Gi is available in several colors such as; blue, white and black. The price of this Gi is $190.

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