Keiko Raca GI Review 2019

Keiko Raca originated in Brazil in the year 1988 as a sportswear manufacturing company. They made items for other brands such as Mizuno until they started their own venture in 1995. Their goal is to make the best gear to fit athletes as they have been a part of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community for a very long time. Keiko sports also sponsors events and athletes from all over the world in their mission to help sports grow. Keiko Raca gi review below!

Keiko Raca GI Review

Keiko Raca Summer GI

The Keiko Raca summer GI is an IBJJF approved a versatile product. Its first quality is that it’s lightweight which makes it easier for the user to move around more freely, add comfort and keeps you cooler in comparison to heavier GIs. The pants have extreme durability due to their reinforced stitching and double lining from the thigh down. Both the jacket and the pants pieces are made from cotton. It is important to know how much weight you are working with when you train or compete for BJJ, thus a lightweight GI is preferable to most people. The Summer GI makes itself an ideal choice for people who train daily and especially for those who have to train in warmer climates.

Keiko Raca Limited Series GI

The Keiko Raca Limited series highlights itself as a heavy duty GI that is built to last for years to come. It is constructed from double weave material of 800 gm. The GI is also double reinforced on the pressure or stress points and has a thick EVA foam collar for added protection. The lapels on it are made of a rubberized material that is rigid and difficult for an opponent to grab hold on. The jacket comes preshrunk but its sleeves and the pants will adjust according to the user’s size and how they wash it. Aside from being such a heavy duty GI, it is surprisingly comfortable and breathable. A feature that distinguishes it from most of the GIs is the embroidery and contrast among the colors.


Keiko Raca Slim Fit GI

If you are tired of all the baggy GI that is a nuisance to work with then Keiko Raca’s Slim Fit GI is the way to go without a doubt. It is a new product for the Slim Fit Kimono by the company started in the year 2015. This GI is also IBJJF approved with all of the great quality features but excluding all the excess material to give you the perfect fit. It is amazing for tall and slim athletes and has a suitable fitting for them; the pants are also rip stop fitted.


Keiko Raca Gold Weave GI

The Gold Weave GI is one among the top tiers of the GI products. They are manufactured with the best quality materials and they look the part as well. The GI has a thick feel which makes it difficult for the opponent to have a grip on you. It includes several reinforcements in the knees and underarms, plus the pants are rip stop. A key feature that makes it stand out is the trim on the borders of the jacket, the embroidered Brazilian flag on the right arm and the Keiko logon on the left.

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