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The best Jiu-Jitsu kimono is considered to be Vulkan Gi by many practitioners. Vulkan Gi has always been a trendy kimono in contrast with the big and bulky Gis present at the time. It has a fitted sleek design and is comfortable than any other option you might see in the market. Vulkan Gi can be used for up to two years easily and one can always replace them as they want. It is used professionally and is considered the arsenal of training by the BJJ practitioners. The design of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has changed remarkably over the years and many BJJ Gis are considerably lightweight and are designed and tapered immaculately. Read our Vulkan gi review in the text below.

Vulkan Gi review

Vulkan GI is worth every penny; no one can go wrong with it due to its endless benefits. If you have issues with heat and sweating, this is the perfect Gi for you to train in due to its soft cotton and lightweight. If you are a person who prefers to wear a Gi with the double weave, Vulkan Gi is not for you. Summer training can be made effortless and rolling sessions would not leave a burn, unlike other Gis due to their rough material. It is a good investment since you will need a new one after a year or so. Its durability is unquestionable and its comfort too.

Vulkan SFC PRO

The Vulkan SFC PRO Gi provides light weight and strength expected from Vulkan’s gi. Vulkan uses 400gsm of pearl weave and provides durable equipment to all the practitioners of BJJ, whether they are beginners or experienced. It is extremely lightweight and comfortable for everyday practice. The pants are made from 100% Brazilian cotton fabric and have the traditional drawstring. Other than the durability, the Gi stands out from the others because of its apparel and its minimalist design. It is made in Brazil.

Vulkan Dominance Batch#3

It is developed after years of research and that is the sole reason why it is one of the best Gis made by Vulkan. This gi is stronger and heavier than the Vulkan’s Pro Light Line. It is made with 495 gsm pearl weave with 100% premium Brazilian cotton which is resistant and very comfortable. It is pre-shrunk so you don’t have to worry about it shrinking. It is stitched with black color in contrast to the color of the Gi. Dominance is competition approved.

Vulkan HD Limited Edition Gi

It is a limited edition from the Pro Light line. It is made lightweight with 100% premium Brazilian cotton fabric. It has an EVA foam collar and had a contrasting stitching to the base color of the Gi. The Embroidery done on this Gi is of high definition, it makes the gi look more prominent. It is resistant and comfortable for everyday use. To provides durability to its users by having ultra-heavy reinforced seams.

Vulkan 2018 VKN PRO

The Vulkan’s 2018 VKN Pro gi is one of a kind and is a pro light gi. Pearl weaved jacket and reinforced twill pants make the gi lightweight yet extremely durable. The pants and the kimono are preshrunk and are made from premium Brazilian cotton. It has a smart fit cut and is integrated with high definition patches. It is made in Brazil and is competition approved.

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